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Brioche: Soup, Sandwiches, and Lasagna in Gastown

Brioche is located in the Gastown close to both SFU Vancouver and Woodwards. They are known for their yummy comfort foods like soups, sandwiches, and pasta. M and I came here since it half way between both our offices. My [...]

November 6, 2012 Cafe, Gastown, lunch, Three Beakers

The Juice Truck: Juice On the Go

The Juice Truck is located in Gastown and serves up delicious cups of juices, smoothies and other drinks. M and I were passing by and decided to have a post-lunch snack. The juices are quite expensive, but are very filling. [...]

October 21, 2012 Food Tour, Gastown, Streetcart, Three Beakers

Apres-Midi Teahouse: Tea Lattes & Desserts

Apres – Midi Teahouse is a hidden teahouse in Gastown. It can be quite difficult to find since it’s not near any main roads. They specialize in tea. They also serve desserts and coffee. HipsterGirl and I needed to kill [...]

May 6, 2012 Cafe, Dessert, Four Beakers, Gastown

Catch 122: Lunch with Amazing Sandwiches

Catch 122 is a new restaurant that has opened up on Hastings Street in front of SFU Woodwards. They serve brunch on the weekends as well as breakfast and lunch on weekdays. As of May 2nd, they will be serving [...]

May 3, 2012 Four Beakers, Gastown, Sandwich

Catch 122: Newest Brunch Spot Near Woodwards

Catch 122 is a new restaurant across from Woodwards and they are currently serving, breakfast, brunch, and lunch. They are known for their simple food that is not over the top. Basically comfort food done right with no surprises. You [...]

April 22, 2012 Brunch, Four Beakers, Gastown

Chronic Taco Cantina: Introduction Of A New Menu

Foodology Disclaimer: I was invited to try out their new menu, but I tried to keep the review as unbiased as I could. The review does not guarantee 100% similar service you might normally get from this restaurant. Chronic Taco [...]

April 4, 2012 Gastown, Mexican, Pub/Bar, Three Beakers

Pourhouse Restaurant: Sandwich + Side + Beer = $14

Pourhouse Restaurant in Gastown has a good lunch deal for $14, where you get a sandwich, a beer and a side. Since it does come with beer, the price isn’t too bad. Mandu, KoreanGirl and Jojocake came here for lunch [...]

March 10, 2012 American, Gastown, Sandwich, Three Beakers

Nicli Antica Pizzeria: Neapolitan Pizza

Nicili Antica Pizzeria is a very popular for their  Neapolitan pizza! Since there is always a long line up, we came around 2pm to avoid any lineups. Surprisingly it was packed even at that hour! We left our phone number and [...]

March 1, 2012 Four Beakers, Gastown, Italian

Cartems Donuterie: Pop-up Shop of Donuts

Cartems Donuterie opened up a pop-up shop in Gastown and another near Commercial. A pop-up shop means its only temporary. They sell unique donuts with very unique flavours and cater to people who are gluten-free and vegan. My coworkers and [...]

February 27, 2012 Bakery, Gastown, Gluten-Free, Pop-Up Shop, Three Beakers

Chronic Tacos Cantina: Taco, Taco, Taco

Chronic Tacos opened up their third location in Gastown! Since I saw a Social Shopper deal, I quickly got it! I’ve been to another location and the food was good. This Chronic Taco location is much larger and has 2 [...]

February 23, 2012 Gastown, Mexican, Three Beakers

The Juice Truck + Beta 5: Hot Chocolate Festival

The Juice Truck is participating in the Hot Chocolate Festival thats happening till February 14th, 2012. They have teamed up with Beta 5 chocolates to make some amazing creations. All proceeds raised goes towards food services programs of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in [...]

January 26, 2012 Food Carts, Gastown, Streetcart

Nelson the Seagull: Carnivore Sandwiches

Nelson the Seagull is a cafe in Gastown. They are known for their coffee and their simple foods. Once you step foot inside of here, you’ll realize its very hipster. It’s a great place to do some work over a [...]

January 18, 2012 Cafe, Gastown, Sandwich, Three Beakers

Cafe Medina: Lineups + Delicious Lunch

CanuckGirl gets off early sometimes, so I take advantage of it and eat delicious lunches without feeling lonely! I have to admit, I do quite often eat lunch alone and it can be mighty depressing. CanuckGirl loves Cafe Medina and [...]

September 20, 2011 Four Beakers, Gastown, lunch

Guu Gastown: Guu’d Food

My goal in life is to go to every single Guu in the world! Hopefully that can be achieved in my lifetime….which may be hard since locations keep popping up around the world. Today, my adventures brought me to Guu [...]

September 13, 2011 Gastown, Izakaya, Japanese, Seafood

Big Lou’s Butcher Shop: Sandwiches, Sandwiches, and Sandwiches

Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is best known for their selection of meats as well as their sandwich counter. Some say that their sandwiches are equally as good as Meat & Bread. I am never in this part of town, so [...]

August 30, 2011 Gastown, Sandwich, Specialty Shop, Three Beakers

Vera’s Burger Shack: Waiting 40 mins for a Burger Isn’t Acceptable

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to Vera’s Burger Shack in Gastown with Mandu. Other restaurants in that area had line ups, so we decided to go to Vera’s since it seems it would be a fast alternative. [...]

July 28, 2011 Gastown, Two Beakers

The Dirty Apron: Baguettes and Brownies

I was planning a lonely lunch by myself until I went on Twitter and @nik_wong tweeted saying she needed someone to lunch with. We met a few days earlier at Social Media Day. Since she was a few blocks away, [...]

July 19, 2011 Four Beakers, Gastown, Sandwich

Save On Meats Coffee Shop: Meals of Disproportion

My oldest memory of Save-On-Meats was winning a gift certificate in elementary school, but my parents decided not to go redeem the certificate since it was in such a sketchy area. Fast forward 15+ years later and that part of [...]

July 6, 2011 Cafe, Gastown, lunch, Three Beakers