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Sushi K Kamizato: A Hidden Gem in Coquitlam

Sushi K Kamizato is run by Chef Keith and his wife Chika in Port Coquitlam. It is Japanese owned and they serve awesome sushi and its very different from Sushi Town or California Sushi. The owners stay true to their [...]

November 28, 2012 Coquitlam, Four Beakers, Izakaya, Japanese

Denny’s Canada: New ‘The Hobbit’ Menu Items

To celebrate the release of The Hobbit on December 14th, Dennys and Warner Brothers teamed up to create this amazing new menu. All of the items in the menu makes a reference to characters or items in the movie. M, [...]

November 18, 2012 Coquitlam, Fast Food, Late Night, Sandwich, Three Beakers

Ajuker Fried Chicken: Korean Fried Chicken in Coquitlam

Ajuker Fried Chicken (AFC) is located on North Road in Coquitlam and serves up delicious Korean fried chicken. Their name was taken from a Korean chain restaurant. BusanGirl always frequents this restaurant with a bunch of her friends, so I [...]

November 4, 2012 Coquitlam, Korean, Late Night, Three Beakers

Woo Ree Jip Korean Restaurant: New Korean Restaurant

KoreanGirl keeps telling me she frequents this place with her parents, but she never takes me here even though she likes this places. One day, a few of us decided to come here for a dinner as I’ve already been [...]

October 26, 2012 Coquitlam, Korean, Three Beakers

Sushi Kamizato: New Japanese Restaurant in PoCo

Sushi Kamizato is a new Japanese restaurant that opened up 4 months ago in Port Coquitlam. It is Japanese owned and they serve awesome sushi and its very different from Sushi Town or California Sushi. The owners stay true to [...]

October 5, 2012 Coquitlam, Four Beakers, Japanese, Seafood, Tapas

Soup Plus: Louisiana Poor Boy and Killer Mushroom Soup

Soup Plus is a little mom and pop restaurant in Coquitlam that sells sandwiches and soups. They attract mostly people in the area and aren’t well known outside of Coquitlam. I have passed by several times, but it is quite [...]

May 10, 2012 Coquitlam, Sandwich, Three Beakers

Kimbab Cheonguk: Awesome Korean Food Under $10

Kimbab Cheonguk is located near “Korea Town” on North Road. It’s a small restaurant known to the Korean community to have some amazing kim bab (Korean Sushi) and Al Bob (Fish stone rice). It is very affordable and has gained [...]

May 6, 2012 Coquitlam, Four Beakers, Korean

Denny’s: Breakfast for Dinner, Dinner for Breakfast

At some point in your University career, you may go hours and hours fixated on a large assignment. TaiwaneseGirl and I experienced that last week as we spent the whole day at SFU trying to do some data modeling. We [...]

April 10, 2012 24 hours, Brunch, Coquitlam, Three Beakers

Cineplex VIP Theatre: In-Seat Food & Beverage Service

M and I only go watch movies on Tuesday since that’s when there are cheaper tickets. M wanted to watch 21 Jump Street and really hates going early to grab tickets, so we reserved tickets online and saw that we [...]

April 5, 2012 Coquitlam, Food for Thought

Jimmy’s Place Restaurant: Epic Hash Browns

Jimmys Place Restaurant is super hidden near North Road and they serve of breakfasts and lunch. WIth my last experience here, I wasn’t eager to come back, but M kept on insisting we have their eggs benedict and hash browns. [...]

March 3, 2012 Brunch, Canadian, Coquitlam, lunch, Three Beakers

Garden Fresh Express: Salad Bar in Coquitlam Center

I clearly had a week where I totally thought I needed to eat healthier, so I kept going to salad bars. M and I went to Coquitlam Center Mall just to go to the food court for lunch. We were [...]

February 9, 2012 Coquitlam, Gluten-Free, Two Beakers, Vegetarian

Jimoco Cafe & Pasta: Pasta, Pasta, Pasta, and Pasta

Jimoco Cafe & Pasta is located on Austin Road in Coquitlam. They are most famous for the 2-for-1 pasta. The food is cheap and will fill you up, so it’s quite popular for people living in Coquitlam and Burnaby. They [...]

February 3, 2012 Coquitlam, Italian, Three Beakers

I Love Sushi: No Love Was Found Here

I Love Sushi is located on Schoolhouse near the Coquitlam Silvercity Theatre. This restaurant has a really cute name and thats why I initially wanted to go here. The first time we went, we arrived 30 minutes before they closed, [...]

February 1, 2012 Coquitlam, Japanese, Seafood, Two Beakers

Narita Sushi: The Usual Suspects

Coming down from SFU, a few of us wanted to get some sushi, but the place we wanted to go to wouldn’t let us order even though they were open. So, we drove to Narita Sushi as an alternative. They [...]

January 25, 2012 Coquitlam, Japanese, Seafood, Three Beakers

Cora Breakfast and Lunch: Fruit, Fruit and More Fruit

Cora opened on the West Coast last year. Its been established on the East Coast, but finally the chain is here! Cora is located in Coquitlam near Coquitlam Center. It’s quite a far drive but if you want a taste [...]

January 10, 2012 Brunch, Coquitlam, Kid Friendly, Three Beakers, Uncategorized

Jimmy’s Place Restaurant: Standard Breakfasts

Hidden in a small plaza on North Road lies Jimmy Place Restaurant. I’ve been in the plaza numerous times, but I’ve never seen this restaurant before. It’s easily missed when just passing by. The interior seems a bit dated and [...]

January 3, 2012 American, Brunch, Coquitlam, Two Beakers

IKEA Restaurant: All About The Meatballs and Nothing More

There is more to IKEA than just Swedish furniture. They have a restaurant to chill at since the whole store is so large that their patrons might get hungry. They are most famous for their Swidish Meatballs and other cheap [...]

January 2, 2012 Coquitlam, International, Kid Friendly, Two Beakers

TaDa Sushi: New Sushi Restaurant In Coquitlam

I was studying for my last final exam and a few of us were growing quite hungry. M knows I like to yell at him when he suggests fast food or some place we’ve been before.  So, he found this [...]

December 19, 2011 Coquitlam, Japanese, Three Beakers