Cat Store Cafe: Cat Friendly Dining in Hong Kong

Diana Chan October 7, 2012 Cafe, Causeway Bay, Chinese, Two Beakers

Cat Store is a very unique cafe that caters to cat lovers. You can dine with your friends and play with their cats. This cafe is great for people who love cats, but can’t have a cat at home. Especially in Hong Kong since apartments can be a bit small to raise pets.

The Cat Store is located inside the Po Ming Building on the 3rd floor. It took me a long time to figure out how to get inside.

Once you are inside the building, head up the elevator to the 3rd floor.

Then, you will take a left and follow the signs

Once you find this door, you know you have arrived!

Don’t be scared by the “members only” sign. You can sign up for a card inside. It’s also best to call ahead for reservations because this place can get busy!

The inside is very cluttered with a lot of cat items.

Cats are seen everywhere! Even in shelves.

You can even sit with them at your table.

There are also catnip toys, so you can make the cats go crazy!

A few cats can be seen roaming around the floors….or sleeping on the floor, so watch out and don’t step on them.

Lychee Soda ($30 HKD) was good! I love lychee!

Snowy Peach Soda with Peach ($32 HKD) was good according to my sister.

Penne with Chicken in Tomato Sauce ($48 HKD) was very poor. The sauce was thin and lacked flavour.

Smoked Duck Breast Pizza ($54 HKD) was average too. My little sister loved it because of all the cheese.

Cat Cookies with Ice Cream ($42 HKD – 2pcs) was really cute and great for kids. It’s fun to eat! Unfortunately, the taste was just OK. Nothing too special.

Overall, the food and service was pretty poor. The only attraction is the cats. All the items are pretty expensive according to Hong Kong standards for this type of food. You can easily get a meal for $25 HKD elsewhere. The service was very disorganized and they forgot a few items in our order.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Slow Service
  • Expensive for the quality of food.
  • It’s a good place to go if you just want to have a drink and play with cats
  • Membership required
  • Make reservations

We Rate Cate Store Cafe:

Flat D-E, 3/F Po Ming Building, Fu Ming Street
Causeway Bay


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