Carl’s Jr. Vancouver: A Quick Review

M January 31, 2013 Downtown, Fast Food

M here with a flash review of the new Carl’s Jr. in Vancouver! I’m always on the hunt for the best burgers in town, but my favourite fast food burger in the States is from Carl’s Jr. When it was announced Carl’s Jr. was coming to Vancouver I passed out in excitement. Diana will do a proper review soon, but for now here are my pointers.


If this is your first time at a Carl’s Jr. it will be daunting to see all the choices you have! My suggestion for newbies and for future converts of the Church of Carl’s Jr. are any of the Thick burgers. In the State’s they’re popular as the “Six Dollar Burger” and is a signature for Carl’s Jr. The one I had is the Guacomole Bacon one. I’m happy to announce that the burger was as delicious as the one across the border!


ProTip number one for this place is bring an empty stomach and always order SMALL. The cashier can be tricky and ask you, “Medium or large combo?” Just like Wendy’s don’t get Medium as that’s basically getting a Large at McDonalds here. It’s also 90 cents more if you choose Medium. Trust me Small will fill you up! The venue itself is super narrow and I think stupidly laid out, but the burgers more than enough makes up for it. There are rumours that the staff here is undertrained, so try to be patient as someone goes around yelling a number. Keep in mind this is a Fast Food place, so it does give off a Burger King feel. Nonetheless, it’s the best fast food burger in town in my opinion from trying their burger once.


What do you think of Carl’s Jr. Vancouver?

625 Howe St.
Vancouver, BC


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