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Diana Chan February 12, 2011 product, Specialty Shop

Have you ever walked by Robson street and saw this candy shop? I’ve been going here for a few years and it really makes me feel like a kid again. They have so many different types of candies that you can’t find at any of the big box stores.

You know how there are so many candy bars you can find in the US, but you don’t get in Canada? They have some of that here.

They have so many types of gummies, sour candies…and even a lot of jelly bellys. They have all the colors of the rainbow!

They even have a wall full of Pez.

In the end I got Astros, which are chocolate covered wafer balls. They use to have it at places like Walmart. Now, they only sell them exclusively only in Africa.

M loves Milky Way since it was his favorite candy bar as a kid. It tastes similar to 3 Musketeers.

The last thing I got was the Milo Chocolate Bar. I usually have the drink but when I saw the chocolate version, I had to have it.  It kinda reminded me of Aero.

I honestly think this is a really cool place to find gift. Who wouldn’t want a box of chocolates from their childhood. Or even some humorous chocolate bars. They have a lot of really weird things like chocolate covered crickets, scorpion lollipops, nintendo mints, and chocolate cigarettes.



  • Downtown (635 Robson Street)
  • Kitsilano (2083 West 4th Ave)

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