Canadian Club 40: Extraordinary Whisky Tasting

Abbytizer November 12, 2017 British Columbia, Event

Since I was going to attend a whisky tasting event, I decided to bring along my friend Alvin who I knew would appreciate a good spirit. We both enjoyed an evening at L’Abattoir, where Canadian Club shared its newest addition, the Canadian Club 40. According to Tish Harcus, Canadian Club Brand Ambassador, it has been aged for 40 years in rye casks and is “the first whisky that Canadian Club ever bottled since 1858 that is not a blend.”

We were greeted and given Mulled Whisky, which was a warm welcome from the wet and cold weather we had during the day. Select appetizers were offered and included raw oysters with a mignonette sauce, smoked salmon, and cheeses. The sweetness of the raw oysters where accentuated when eaten after a sip of my whisky cocktail.

We were able to taste two cocktails with drink tokens that were given to us upon arrival. The first one Alvin and I tasted was the Canadian Tuxedo, which had ingredients that included Canadian Club and Amaretto. I particularly enjoyed this one as it was light, sweet and smooth. The other cocktail had Canadian Club, vermouth, lime juice and grenadine. This cocktail had a pronounced citrus flavour and a sour finish, but was refreshing.

Canadian Club is the “original Canadian whisky”. The bottle was inspired by Hiram Walker’s love of whiskey in a decanter style. The bottle is made in Mexico, has a thick base and each one is unique because the back is hand-etched with Canadian Club’s crest with “CC” in the middle of it. The topper of the bottle is inspired by the front gates of a palace in Florence, Italy, which are made of bronze. This is significant since this palace is replicated at the home of Canadian Club in Windsor, Ontario.

After Tish shared the story of Canadian Club 40’s production and gave a little history behind the company, we finally tasted it. When we took a whiff of the whisky, Tish explained that we were smelling notes of “dark plums, berries, nutmeg, cloves, sweet vanilla and a little bit of fruit”. Once I finally took a sip and it hit may palate, I tasted slight woodiness, subtle sweetness and fruitiness. The finish was remarkably smooth.

Alvin and I both enjoyed the Canadian Club 40 tasting event at L’Abattoir. It is an extraordinary addition to the company’s portfolio of whiskies. Any avid whisky collector would appreciate this beautifully aged whisky.


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