Canada 150 Summer Essentials from Sobeys

Diana Chan June 26, 2017 Uncategorized

With Canada Day just a few days away, more companies are creating product to help customers celebrate Canada 150. Sobeys is celebrating its 110th anniversary in line with Canada 150 with an array of patriotic products such as maple-leaf shaped burgers, Birthday Cookies, Mustard and Hops Gold Rush sauce and maple-flavoured ice cream bars.

Birthday Cookies

With their patriotic shapes and vibrant Canadian-colours and flavours, its pretty playful. They have a twist on the original maple cookies, these cookies are filled with velvety cream cheese-flavoured icing.

Maple Leaf-Shaped Angus Beef Burger

These 100% Canadian Angus beef maple-leaf shaped patties come frozen and will save yourself time shaping patties into this look.

Spirited Mickie – Mustard and Hops Gold Rush

Made with mustard and a hint of Canadian pale ale, the new “Mustard and Hops Gold Rush”Sensations by Compliments Spirited Mickie BBQ sauce is delicious brushed over seafood or burgers. I personally was impressed by this sauce as I enjoyed it in my burger. I can also see it being dipped with chicken strips.

Maple-Flavoured Ice Cream Bars

With the incoming heatwave, keeping cool is key. These unique maple-flavoured ice cream bars are made with real dairy cream and isn’t overly sweet.

You can find all these items at Sobeys owned stores like Safeway and IGA, which is more prominent on the West Coast. All these items are available for a limited time only. So, get you fill of everything Canadian before it’s gone.


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