Campagnolo Upstairs: Dirty Burgers and the Secret Menu

Diana Chan February 21, 2017 Four Beakers, Strathcona

Campagnolo Upstairs is a hidden gem for those who love cocktails and burgers. I came with M and MagMei after work to try out their delicious dirty burger. You enter from the door on the right side and go up the stairs, past the curtain, keep on walking up until you see the bar.

They are open at 6 pm on weekdays; 10:30 am – 2 pm on weekends and long weekends.


I love how they’ve incorporated the old Fat Dragon BBQ sign on their ceiling.

The bar area has the menu hand drawn on brown paper. The bar has lot of variety and the staff are super friendly.

There are a few tables around the restaurant, but we had a really great time sitting at the bar and conversing with the bartender.

Secret Menu

They have their standard menu with different items, but their secret menu has more of the customization to the dirty burger.

They have fun code names for the burgers, but the staff are super nice and suggest ways to build you burger.

You can add a sunny side egg, crispy chicken skin, pimento cheese, 80g of foie gras, or an additional patty to your dirty burger.

Dirty Burger

Dirty Burger is their take on the classic cheese burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a pickle. The size is a bit small in diameter, but there’s so much flavour in their beef patty. It is 4oz, 40-day dry-aged beef patty smashed in a hot cast iron pan.

You would want to order an extra patty or a side of fries to fill your belly a little bit more.

In the Sun

In the Sun is essentially a dirty burger with egg.

You can add additional toppings into your burger. M added an egg to go into it. That yolk is still gooey, so the best way to eat it is to bite a small hole and suck out all that yolk.

It’s super delicious.

Gang Bang

If you want the most stacked burger that they can create, get the Gang Bang. This ultimate burger has two beef patties, a sunny side egg, crispy chicken skin, pimento cheese and 80g of foie gras.

Once you put the buns together, it has a bit of difficulty standing up. It’s more like the leaning tower of burgers. It will cost you around $50 for this burger and it’s super decadent.

Crispy Chicken Skin

Crispy chicken skin is covered in honey, hot sauce and mint. It’s a very interesting combination, but it needed some more salt or a stronger sauce to balance out all that skin.


There are lots of cocktails and a few beers on the menu, but I went with the 311 Three Eleven Helles Lager from Coal Harbour Brewing Company. It is a smooth and delicious German-style Lager made in Vancouver.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we loved their burgers and this whole experience. They sell out of their burgers on the weekdays around 8/8:3opm, but if they run out, you can head over to The American, a few shops away for more dirty burgers. They have the same delicious patties but cooked slightly differently.

We Rate Campagnolo Upstairs

1020 Main Street, Vancouver, BC


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