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Diana Chan August 25, 2010 Coquitlam, Japanese, Three Beakers

After M came back from Whistler, we decided to go out and eat at California Sushi. Sushi California is one of the better sushi places in Burnaby. It’s a block away from Lougheed Mall and has a wide selection of sushi. The restaurant is owned by Koreans which seems to be the trend in Japanese sushi restaurants which I can never figure out. Lunch times and dinner times can be quite busy, so i really suggest going a bit earlier so avoid the rush.

When I arrived at the restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice one of the soy sauce dishes was a bit dirty. So, you should watch out too if your plates look like it as bits of food on it.

We started with half order of spicy tuna sashimi which tasted not as spicy as I expected. It was a bit sweet. M said they used Korean hot sauce paste and mixed it with sugar to get that taste. As most sushi places, it usually comes with radish garnish, but we did not get any with this one. If you don’t want to eat too much of this dish, just do half an order because it’s cheaper and you know you can finish it without wasting it. You could take it home to eat but it will not taste as good.

We ordered Tempura scallop asparagus roll as well. At first I thought it was probably the weirdest thing to order a sushi roll fried in tempura batter. It had a nice crunch texture to it and it did not taste too oily.

Followed smoked salmon cream cheese roll II. I guess they have two versions of this roll, so they had to add a “II” to the end of it. I’m not exactly sure how it’s different but I did not find this roll too special. It reminded me of an Alaska roll but with different insides.

The next thing we ordered was toro nigiri. I always enjoy ordering a piece of toro at sushi restaurants. If you don’t know what toro is, it is the belly portion of the tuna which is more fatty. Compared to other sushi restaurants, I found this toro was a bit icy, so i assume they froze it and defrosted it for the day. I’ve had better.

Then finally we had tobiko with quail egg nigiri, these just remind me of boobies because it has the yellow dot in the middle. This is certainly very odd to eat and you must make sure you shove this into your mouth so no tobiko or the quail egg spill on the plate. Whenever i encounter a restaurant with red tobiko, i get kinda weirded out since I usually see orange tobiko. According to google, they come in various colors like green and black.

If you like sushi in the mid-range price, then sushi california will be for you. They have the basics as well as some specialty roles. Just watch out for the cleanliness of your dishes.

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Sushi California is located at: 501A North Road in Coquitlam, BC.
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