Cake-Ya: Delicious Purin Pudding and Cake Rolls

Diana Chan November 18, 2011 Bakery, Dessert, Japanese, Port Moody, Three Beakers

Cake-Ya is this little shop in Coquitlam that serves Japanese desserts and baked goods. Their location is a bit hidden and very small.

They have zero seating and it looks more like a bakery. FoodQueen and I decided to give this place a try, but then we realized there were no seats inside, so we walked up a block to share a cake roll at Starbucks.

A lot of the items can be sold out by 2pm, so if you know what you want, best to call ahead of time for them to save you whatever you want.

Strawberry Cake Roll ($6.50) has a very light cake surrounding fresh whipped cream and strawberries. The price for it was pretty good!  I liked this roll because the cake is just so light with the whipped cream, you don’t feel heavy.

They only sell the cake rolls as a whole log, so it’s one of those items you must share.

I also bought 4 of the Caramel Cream’s (aka Purin Pudding). Green Tea, Black Sesame, Original and coffee. They ran out of a few flavours since I didn’t call ahead of time to reserve.

Custard Caramel Cream ($2.25) is probably one you must try. It’s the original flavour and you can’t go wrong with that. I gave this one to my little sister and she gobbled it up. She’s a picky eater but she loved this.

Green Tea Caramel Cream ($2.50) was also good. My mom commented saying the texture was very smooth and creamy. She was quite impressed.

Coffee Caramel Cream ($2.50) was quite interesting. The taste of coffee was strong. I found it was a bit rich in my opinion.

There’s so many ways to eat these desserts…in the cup or just flipped over like the ones above.

Words of Wisdom: 

  • Take Out since there are zero seats
  • Call ahead of time to reserve specific items you want before it runs out
  • Cash Only
  • Good prices

We Rate Cake-Ya
2415 Clarke St
Port Moody, BC V3H
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  1. Nance November 19, 2011 at 12:45 am

    Welcome to my neck of the woods! Thanks for sharing the different pudding flavors. U are making me hungry 😉

    I do wonder how the coffee flavor is. I <3 haha

    • DesignGirl November 19, 2011 at 4:25 pm

      OOooo! You live around here?? We should go eat sometime in this area!!

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