Caffe Brixton: Cafe in Chinatown

Diana Chan August 18, 2013 Cafe, Canadian, Chinatown, Three Beakers

Caffe Brixton

Caffe Brixton is located in Chinatown and it’s a nice addition to the area. It’s hip and has a nice seating area to work if you have a laptop.

Caffe Brixton

My coworkers decided to come here since Phnom Penh had a 40 minute wait and we were not going to attempt wasting a majority of our lunch time waiting for table. We are hangry people.

Caffe Brixton

Grilled Pesto Chicken with Balsamic ($7.50) was really dry! That chicken didn’t seem very fresh or perhaps the grilling method ruined the chicken.

Caffe Brixton 

Gluten Free Breakfast Falafal Bake ($6) was ordered by two of my other coworkers. It looked like a delicious dish and tasted good too.

They ordered 2 but only 1 arrived. I think there was a mix up in the kitchen. When the dish arrived, it was the wrong item. Which confused us, but on a second try, it finally arrived. That was kinda crappy.

Caffe Brixton

Quiche Sauteed onion and roasted eggplant was delicious according to Mags.

Overall, some of the food can be a hit or miss. The service was kinda crappy too since they messed up one of our orders. Not a pleasant experience if one dish arrives when everyone else is done theirs. Nonetheless its still a nice place to chill and do some work on your laptop or have a meeting.

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212 East Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC


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