Cafe Kaldi

Diana Chan November 5, 2010 Cafe, Coquitlam, Three Beakers

Cafe Kaldi is located in Coquitlam a few blocks away from Ikea. I am a big fan of privately owned cafes compared to large chains such as Starbucks. They pride themselves for having sandwiches and drinks made out the the freshest ingredients rather than just heating things up.

Inside Cafe Kaldi are nice big lounge chairs, which are great for meetings or a nice get together. Free wireless is a plus as well! The staff are really nice and are willing to take critiques from customers to make sure their future visits are enjoyable.

I got a latte as usual! You can’t take me away from my lattes! The latte has a strong bold flavour which I love. I totally needed one today after a long stressful day at school. Latte art is always a plus.

They also have amazing english muffins! I know my photos don’t do it justice, but they are very simple and well made. I can’t remember what this version was called, but it had brie, egg, and this amazing hot sauce! Brie is just amazing FYI. This was only $3.75 and makes are a great snack.

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930 Brunette Avenue
Coquitlam, BC V3K

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