Cafe Joie: Shaved Ice, Coffee, and Waffles

Diana Chan July 11, 2014 Bakery, Cafe, Dessert, Korean, South Burnaby, Three Beakers


Cafe Joie is an independent cafe near Metrotown. I came here with Gastrofork and FoodQueen to catch up over some coffee and treats. You can easily take the Skytrain to Metrotown and then walk a block away from the mall.

Cafe Joie has coffee, tea, macarons, coffee buns, waffles, shaved ice and some other sweet treats.


The interior is quite beautiful, spacious and adorable. It’s a great place to do some homework or just catch up with some friends.


Cappuccino was what I ordered. Nice, strong, and delicious. A definite winner if you want to just slowly sip away and have some pastries with it. Too bad it didn’t have nice art this time.


 Green Tea Matcha Latte was what Dee ordered and it has a cute spiderweb art on the top.


Milk Shaved Ice with Fruit was made in-house with their shaved ice machine. Instead of using ice to make it, they pour in milk to create the shaved ice, giving it a delicious taste when paired with the fruit and corn flakes. Highly recommended!


Green Tea Ice Cream with Waffles and Fruit was not impressive. The waffle was quite bland and has a soft texture. It was a good size for sharing but it just didn’t taste good.


Chocolate and fruit waffle was the same as the green tea waffle. The waffle batter just isn’t good. It would be nice if it was more crispy.


Overall, great coffee, pastries and shaved ice, but stay away from the waffles.

We Rate Cafe Joie

110-6125 Sussex Ave
Burnaby BC


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