Cafe Eggstatic 雷亭: Birds Nest Bubble Tea

Diana Chan September 15, 2015 Bubble Tea, Cafe, Chinese, South Burnaby, Three Beakers


Cafe Eggstatic opened up in Crystal Mall in South Burnaby closer to the end of Summer. They serve up bubble teas and egg waffles. What has differentiated them from some other BBT shops is their use of the birds nest topping on their Summer specialty drinks.

Birds nest is typically found in Chinese cooking especially in soup and seen as a delicacy. It’s not the nest of the bird, but the solidified saliva. It is prized in Chinese culture due to their rarity, and supposedly high nutritional value and flavour.


Honey Green Milk Tea with Pearls ($3.50 +$0.50) came out quite sweet. We should have asked for half sweet. Good flavours, but too sweet.

Birds Nest Mango Slush Infused with Aloe Vera ($5.70) the bottom with the aloe vera chunks were very good.


The birds nest sits right on top and it really tastes like nothing, but that’s just my opinion. The strawberries were a nice addition to the drink as it adds color and it has a sour taste that paired well with the mango slush.


HK Style Bubble Waffle ($3.75) comes out quite crispy with a slight chewiness in the centre.


The batter is thin, so you get a lot of hallow space in the center. Not as filling as other bubble waffles. I still enjoyed it.


Overall, it’s a good place to get bubble waffles. Great texture and I enjoy the crispiness. The birds nest topping draws a lot of people here, but depends how traditional you are.

We Rate Cafe Eggstatic:

Crystal Mall
1021 – 4500 Kingsway, Burnaby


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