Cafe De L’Orangerie: Japanese Pasta and Curry

Diana Chan March 2, 2016 Cafe, Japanese, Kid Friendly, Marpole, Noodles, Three Beakers


Cafe De L’Orangerie has been our favourite spot for Japanese pasta for a while now. Last week, M had a huge craving for their curry, so he picked me up after work and drove here before the dinner rush.

Its a bit far from our house, so we don’t always get to come here.


Mango Fruit Smoothie was a pretty bad option to get for a drink. It tasted super sweet and artificial. We agreed that we would not order this again.


Chicken Karaage was pretty good. Light, crispy batter and well seasoned. Very enjoyable.


Curry with Pork Cutlet has rice, the crispy pork cutlet and the curry. M thought it was good. Perfect thing to cure his cravings.


Spaghetti Carbonara with Hamburger Steak. The hamburger steak was pretty large like a huge meatball, but I didn’t like how it was slightly sweet.


Besides the hamburger steak, I did enjoy the pasta. I think next time, I will go without the hamburger steak and stick with just the carbonara.

Overall, food is still pretty good her, but certain things are too sweet.

We Rate Cafe De L’Orangerie35rating

1320 West 73rd Avenue, Vancouver


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