Cafe Artigiano: Latte, Yogurt and Sandwiches

Diana Chan April 9, 2012 Cafe, Downtown, Three Beakers

There are days in the office when I really don’t want to venture far for some breakfast or lunch. Downstairs from my office is a Caffe Artigiano, so it’s quite convenient to just grab and go. Even though there are lots of other cheaper coffee places around – Tim Hortons and Starbucks don’t even compare.

I found their lattes a bit of a hit and miss depending on who is there making the drinks. Sometimes I will get some amazing latte art and sometimes the art will be very very sloppy. I am not an expert on coffee tastes, but I know it was good enough to give me a jump-start for the day.

For breakfast, I just had some mango peach yogurt and a latte for breakfast.

Mango Peach Yogurt with Granola ($3.49) looks promising, but there really wasn’t enough mango and peach compote inside. Once I mixed everything around, it still tasted like the normal yogurt.

Then, I came back for lunch since their sandwiches did look quite good, but that means I didn’t have to walk far for lunch either. Clearly, I was having a very lazy day.

I grabbed a Green Tea and it comes in one size when you dine-in. If you need more tea, you can ask them to fill it up with more water.

Chicken & Brie Panini Sandwich ($8.59) has roast chicken breast, brie cheese, spinach, fig jam, roasted garlic mayo served on a ciabatta bun. It is then grilled in their panini machine. You also get a side of salad too.

The sandwich was very warm and melted to perfection. The brie cheese complimented the chicken well and make it a very gooey cheesy experience.

Overall, Caffe Artigiano is a great place to have a chat with someone over coffee or lunch. It’s not great for studying as there is no wifi. The food is pretty good and makes for a quick lunch. They have tons of locations in Downtown

Words of Wisdom:

  • Quite busy during peak hours
  • No wifi

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574 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC


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