Ca Phe Vietnamese Coffee House: Vancouver Vietnamese Coffee Bar Review

Diana Chan March 10, 2019 Cafe, Chinatown, Pop-Up Shop

Vancouver’s First Pop Up Vietnamese Coffee Bar – Ca Phe Vietnamese Coffee House just opened up inside Chinatown House. I love Vietnamese Coffee, so when I heard they were opening, I had to drag some friends to check it the coffee and pastries. This pop-up is set to be around until mid-May.


They take orders via Instagram if you don’t want to wait in line. Sometimes the line does get long, so having it ready when you arrive is amazing! Just send them a direct message with what you want and when, they will get it ready for your arrival.


There are 16 seats inside but it’s nothing fancy. Most people get their coffee’s to go but some people just find a seat and chat. That’s what I did as I was meeting up with a friend. The tables are in configurations of 4 but usually the line up builds for getting the coffee is long and not too many people sitting down.


Really Strong Vietnamese Coffee

The classic Vietnamese Coffee with condensed milk. It’s like a Vietnamese Americano with the sweetened milk. Good if you like your coffee hot.

Really Strong Iced Coffee

This is similar to the one prior but with ice. I actually prefer it with ice as it brings the strong Vietnamese coffee and condensed milk together. Plus, it’s the way I have it at restaurants. Highly recommend this coffee.

Avocado Coffee

This is Vietnamese Coffee with Avocado. You really get a strong taste of avocado when you drink it. It’s an interesting combination that I have never had before. It’s a good way to get avocado into your diet for the day, but the combination wasn’t for me.

Brown Butter Matcha and Cream Cheese Swirl Blondies with Black Sesame Caramel

This was an interesting combination but there was a lot going on with this blondie and the matcha didn’t stand out as much. The more prominent flavours were the brown butter and black sesame.

Black Sesame Chocolate Chip Cookie

Watch out of the black sesame crumbs that may lurk on your clothing as your devour this cookie as a few pieces of the black sesame tends to fall off. The black sesame taste is strong in this cookie with the amount of it coating the cookie.

Spiced Chocolate Hoisin Swirl Brownies with Vietnamese Coffee Salted Caramel

This was our favourite out of the 3 options. It has a good depth of flavour of the spiced chocolate, hoisin swirl and the salted caramel. It worked well together.

Final Thoughts

It’s great to finally have a place dedicated to Vietnamese Coffee in Vancouver even if it’s temporary. The pop-up is meant for a quick to-go Vietnamese coffee, so you won’t have the full restaurant experience with the glass cups and Vietnamese coffee dripper. It helps bring customers unique options like the avocado coffee and egg coffee to show there is more to Vietnamese Coffee than just the standard hot and cold option.

188 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC


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