Bushuair Restaurant 聚湘村: Hunan Cuisine in Richmond

Diana Chan March 15, 2015 Chinese, Richmond, Three Beakers


Bushuair Restaurant specializes in Hunan style cuisine. They are best known for their head pounding level of spice. You will find a common use of chilies and picked vegetables in their dishes. If you love spicy food, you will love Bushuair Restaurant.


There’s lots of round tables and booth seating inside.


Tea Smoked Pork Belly was not a spicy dish. The strips of pork belly is smoked and has a nice depth of flavour. Very delicious!


Wild Speculation Beef Salamander has the strangest name, but is a highly recommended dish to order if you love spicy. There are no salamanders in this dish, but there are these spicy little pickled peppers in there.

Some of us were quite addicted to the spicy peppers even though it would make us cry.


Quick-fried pig’s kidney with vegetables are slightly spicy. The kidneys are scored to give it that extra texture.


Fern Root Noodles is served cold but man does it ever pack a punch of spice. It kicks in a little bit after you eat it and then your mouth is on fire screaming for water. It was a pleasant spiciness. You’re going to sweat but its so satisfying.

This restaurant isn’t for people who can’t handle your spice. You’ll probably spend the entire meal in agony.

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121-4600 No 3 Road
Richmond, BC

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