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Diana Chan September 18, 2010 Mount Pleasant/Main Street, Three Beakers

I always pass by Burgoo on Main and seeing their bright blue sign, so on Tuesday, M, FragileBoy, InsecureGirl and I decided to go here after classes.

We heard good reviews of this place so we were excited! The interior décor was nice and mostly wooden, so it reminded me of a barn. But maybe that ties in with their theme of comfort food cause a lot of comfort food comes from the south.

On the table, there was nice candlelight and fresh flowers too!

We started off the meal with our drinks. Fragile boy ordered the Burgoo Pale Ale, he said the beer was not bad but it was a bit sweet compared to the types of beers he drinks. I tried a bit of it and I did not understand what he was saying cause I always think all beers taste the same.

I got the Caipirinha which is a Brazilian drink made out of sugar cane rum, sugar, ice and lime. I first heard about this drink when I was in Europe 2 years ago during an exchange to Vienna, Austria. The drink is pretty strong, so I turn into Rudolph.

M had the Homemade Strawberry Lemonade, which reminded me of freckled lemonade from Red Robins. There were the strawberries and syrup on the bottom and the lemonade on the top. When you looked at the glass, it has a gradient to it.

Before all our dishes came, they gave us bread!

M ordered the crab bisque, which contained a smooth crab and red pepper cream bisque with tarragon, and chopped parsley. M liked the soup but too bad it did not have bits of crab in it.

We all shared the Gooey Cheese Grillers. It was golden brown and extra crispy on the outside. On the inside the gooey gooey deliciousness was composed of melted Mozzarella, Gruyere, Emmenthal and white Cheddar! I have never had a sandwich with so many different cheeses. Emmenthal is used in cheese fondue…fyi. So it tastes like a cheese fondue in a sandwich. We didn’t order the salad with it, so instead of $12, it was $8!!

FragileBoy got the Beef Bourguignon! One of Julia Child’s dishes from her cookbook! If you saw the movie “Julia and Julia”, you would know the dish is made of red wine braised beef with caramelized pearl onions, carrots and mushrooms. This was served over mashed potatoes. FragileBoy liked it.

M’s main dish came which was the Kentucky Burgoo, which is basically like a stew. It contained slow cooked meats with lima beans, corn, tomatoes, cabbage and okra served over Burgoo biscuits. Burgoo Biscuits were essentially scones. He chose the Burgoo biscuits and he regretted it because he felt the mashed potatoes would complement this better. FragileBoy and I commented the stew was slightly sweet.

IndecisiveGirl ordered the tasty chicken sandwich with the pacific chowder. The Pacific Chowder had smoked salmon, seafood and potato, finished with green peas and fresh herbs. Her tasty chicken sandwich came in a multigrain bun with roasted chicken, apple, cucumber and greens with house Dijonnaise. She seemed satisfied with her meal, but for some reason she had a lot of trouble holding on to her sandwich.

I had the Ratatouille Provençale. For some reason, I thought of the ratatouille movie. I expected something completely different that what arrived at the table. The ratatouille had oven-roasted vegetables in savory tomato and garlic baked with parsley, breadcrumbs and Chevre, finished with extra virgin olive oil. It came in a bowl type of thing and was predominantly tomato sauce…so it felt like eating pasta with red sauce without the spaghetti. The pieces of vegetable were small and not like the images I see on Google. I was fairly disappointed with the dish. I could only eat about 1/4th of it because it was fairly bland. This could have used some hot sauce if they had any.

I would not come again for dinner or eat from the comfort section of the menu. It was a bit too heavy for me and way too “comfortable” for my pallet. I would consider coming for lunch and having more gooey cheese grillers!

When the bill came, it was in a very cute dim sum container. It was bit a bit random, but I assume it complemented the international aspect of the menu.

Dinner came out to be about $20ish per person.

If you love grilled cheese sandwiches and comfort food, go to Burgoo! Their menu showcases comfort food from various places of the world. For about $15 – $20, you can enjoy a delicious dinner. Just watch out for what you choose on the menu because comfort food does not mean it’s healthy for you.

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