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M September 26, 2010 North Burnaby, Three Beakers

M here, and one fateful evening DesignGirl and I went to try what CTV calls the best burger in Burnaby at Burgers Etc. One great first impression of Burgers Etc. is that they have back parking which is awesome! The front of the restaurant looks quaint and the interior is well decorated with Jazz!

The menu  in my opinion is pretty lacking in variety. I went for the Best Burger and DesignGirl ordered the pulled pork sandwich. One thing very impressive is all the stuff you can add to the burger including egg, jalapenos, and others. However, each addition is a dollar more, which could rack up the bill if you wanted the works.

I did want the works, but decided to add egg and cheese. I love eggs in burgers!! Both DesignGirl and I got sides that wasn’t the default fries. I got my burger with the side of potato salad and it was pretty bland. More like a store bought Ziggy’s one. DesignGirl’s coleslaw was also terrible.

I ordered a milkshake to spoil myself for this visit, and the chocolate milkshake was sweet and refreshing. Similar to all the milkshakes sold by Red Robins or Denny’s.

The burger however was delicious. The egg and the burger patty made the whole eating ordeal messy, but pleasurable. It definitely is the best burger I have eaten in Burnaby. Note there are no Vera’s in burger. The burger patty was well cooked and juicy, but it just doesn’t match Vera’s burgers…

Nonetheless, DesignGirls pulled pork sandwich was the best pulled pork sandwich I’ve ever tasted in my life. Now I thought sloppy joe’s and pulled pork sandwich are the same things, but you won’t find this pulled pork sandwich in the school cafeteria! The pulled pork just melts in your mouth with such a good sauce that is not overly sweet or salty.

In the end the 2 meals came to about 26 dollars, so an average price for a great pulled pork sandwich and burger.

Definitely go to Burger’s Etc. for their Pulled Pork Sandwich! If you have extra money around why not go there to add everything on top of Burnaby’s Best Burger? You won’t be disappointed. Just don’t expect too much from the sides!


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