Burger Heaven: Awesometastic Burgers in New Westminster

Diana Chan May 9, 2012 Four Beakers, New Westminster, Sandwich

Burger Heaven is located in New Westminster and of course they specialize in burgers. They are known for their crazy and creative sandwiches. The interior is quite ugly and super outdated, but their sandwiches is what their customers rave about.

M and I decided to come here for lunch since we don’t live too far away from New West.

Insanity Burger ($16.14) is a swiss & bacon burger between two grilled mozza & cheddar cheese sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, red onions and sauce. You get your choice of salad or potato wedges as your side.

This sandwich is quite massive. I am also sure the calorie count is through the roof. M liked their large juicy patties, but it didn’t mesh too well with the two grilled cheese. He said the grilled cheese was quite bland and the cheese isn’t sharp enough.

Either way, it’s still a super huge sandwich and it’s definitely a challenge to eat.

The potato wedges were very crispy and golden brown. I love them more than Mcdonald’s fries.

Breakfast Burger ($13.69) is the 9th most popular item that is ordered. It contains a beef patty, mozzarella, fried egg, bacon and vegetables. I got a salad on the side since I felt guilty.

You can’t go wrong with bacon, cheese and egg in a burger! Plus, the bacon looked very delicious. The whole burger isn’t exactly breakfast food, but these are the perfect ingredients in a burger!

Once you put the two halfs together, the burger is huge. The beef patty is phenomenal! One this that M and I could agree on was the beef patty is really really good. I loved my sandwich!

You also get some tabasco if you want to spice up your burger!

Overall, I thought the sandwiches were good, but it can get quite expensive if you get more of their specialty burgers. I went at lunch and it wasn’t too busy, but I hear it can get packed for dinner. The interior is basically a shack, so don’t be too turned off by the place until you have had a bite.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Burgers are around $15
  • Top item is the BBQ Cheddar and Bacon Burger
  • Pay parking in front

We Rate Burger Heaven:

77 10th St
New Westminster, BC
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