Bu Chun Sung Chinese Restaurant 부천성: Lunch in Pohang, Korea

Diana Chan March 8, 2014 Chinese, Korean, lunch, Noodles, Pohang, Three Beakers


Bu Chun Sung Chinese Restaurant 부천성 is located in Pohang. We came here for lunch and what I always find interesting is that no matter where you find Chinese food in Korea, it’s never authentic. They always have their own version of Chinese food.

I actually don’t mind it. In my mind, I will always think its Korean food. Just wait till the Koreans discover dim sum, they will be mind blown.


The inner decor was simple. Nothing fancy. There was a good amount of people here for lunch.


Complimentary side dishes arrived – kimchi, pickled radish, onions and bean paste. You dip the onion into the bean paste and it magically counteracts the intensity of the onion. It’s weird, but it works.


Honey Almond Shrimp has deep-fried prawns smothered in a mayo mixture and topped with almond slices.


Noodles with Black bean Sauce (Jajangmyeon) was ordered by everyone. There is the noodle underneath and the black bean sauce on top.


Fried Rice with Seafood comes with a bit of black bean sauce on the side and a light soup. This is an item I always order. Black bean sauce is really good and when you add it to the fried rice, it’s pretty damn good. Too bad I didn’t really like how they made the fried rice.


At the end of the meal, we got these sticky sweet potatoes as a complimentary dessert. We all thought this was pretty meh.


We also got coffee at the end of the meal. Wasn’t very good either.

Overall, the restaurant was decent, but we all agreed Taesan Chinese Restaurant is still better for Korean Chinese food.

We rate Bu Chun Sung Chinese Restaurant


656-13 I-dong, Nam-Gu, Pohang-si,
Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea

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