Bowmore Islay Single Malt Whisky

Diana Chan January 23, 2017 product

Bowmore Distillery produces scotch whisky on the isle of Islay. They are one of the oldest in Scotland and is established in 1779. They are full of rich history and been perfecting their craft to create great whiskey.

I was invited to try their core single malt scotch whisky as well as their limited editions:

  • Small Batch
  • 12 Year
  • 15 Year
  • Vault Edit1°n

Being able to taste them all side by side to taste the differences, really opened my eyes to the subtle differences in each bottle.

Small Batch

The Small batch is matured in first and second fill ex bourbon casks.

First-fill bourbon offers delicious vanilla sweetness, subtle spices and bourbon oak smoke to complement Bowmore’s gentle peaty smokiness, while the second-fill cask enhances Bowmore’s fresh fruity complexity and showcases its trademark honey and creamy malt character. You’ll notice the Small Batch has the best qualities of both.

When I took a few sips, I could sense the wispy smoke, bourbon oak, and vanilla. Of the 3 whiskies, it is the lightest with its warm golden colour.

12 Year

The 12 Year Old is described as having puffs of peat smoke and pools of honey, sharpened by lemon zest. The colour was a bit barker than the small batch, so it was more like warm amber. You can taste the honey and smoke from the peat.

15 Year

The 15 Year Old is matured in an inspired combination of both bourbon and sherry casks, with it’s the final three years spent in Oloroso sherry casks that gives this Bowmore the rich, deep colour reflected in its name, and its warming finish. You can taste the cedar wood of the casks and the tannins from the sherry.

Vault Edit1°n – First Release Atlantic Sea Salt

The Vault edition is created using the finest hand selected ex-bourbon casks. This bottle reflects the microclimate in the depths of the No.1 Vaults. The Bowmore distillery is in close proximity to the sea and its vital in determining the character of this drink. You can sense the taste of fruits, spiced cocoa and blood orange. As it lingers in your mouth, the sea salt.

Robbie Burns

If you’re into cocktails, you can easily incorporate the Bowmore Small Batch with sweet vermouth, orange bitters, and absinthe. A very classic drink.


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