Bouchon Bakery: Croissants, Coffee and Macarons in Vegas

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Bouchon Bakery is located in The Venetian and there are 3 locations inside. It is owned by world renowned chef – Thomas Keller. He is the man behind The French Laundry and Per Se. This was a major reason why my sister wanted to try out this bakery to see if it lived up to the hype.

We came in the early afternoon and sat outside on the patio for some snacks and sun.


The entrance to the Bouchon Bakery is through the inside of the hotel.


It isn’t large, so it more of a to go place, unless you sit outside on the patio.


There’s a bunch of pastries on the counter. From croissants to cookies.


In their display case, they have macarons, eclairs and sandwiches.


We grabbed a latte and a mocha. Both of them tasted horrible. The mocha was very sweet and we could not adjust the sweetness because they didn’t know what half sweet meant. We soon realized this was the case because their coffee comes out of a machine with a press of a button rather than made by hand like how its supposed to be.

Same goes with the latte, it didn’t have that personal touch from the barista. Came straight from the machine.

I expected a bit more from them especially with the name behind the bakery.


Ham and cheese croissant was baked in the oven for us after we ordered. It was burnt on the edges but was pretty good. Not as good as Beaucoup in Vancouver.


Chocolate eclair was small but it was pretty good. The coffee macaron was a disappointment. It didn’t have the right texture and it was really chewy.


Overall, I was a bit disappointed in Bouchon Bakery. I can name a few places in Vancouver that are ten times better. Sigh, I had such high hopes. Perhaps I just have higher standards since Vancouver has some pretty amazing bakeries.

We rate Bouchon Bakery

3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109


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