Boston & Maine Fish Company: Lobsters at Quincy Market

Diana Chan June 8, 2012 Faneuil Hall, Seafood, Three Beakers

Quincy Market is an awesome place to check out when you are in Boston. It’s located in the Downtown area and is a few minutes from the center of Downtown. It has lots of stores and it’s a great place to EAT.

After our walking tour of the Freedom Trail, CanuckGirl and I decided to get a bite to eat. She decided to get clam chowder and I was on the hunt for a lobster. Ange kept telling me to eat lobsters, so I just had to find one without killing my wallet.

As I walked inside, I saw that Boston & Maine Fish Company was selling tons of lobsters and there was a huge line up. The lobsters looked good, but I decided to walk around the whole market to see if there was a better deal. It seems like they were the only place serving steamed lobster.

They were offering a steamed lobster with corn and butter for $17.99. It was alright, so I decided to get one.

We sat in the 2nd floor seating area. There are a few seats open during peak hours, so you really gotta keep your eyes open for a spot. You can also eat outside if it’s a nice day.

Once the lobster is chopped up it doesn’t look too big. It was probably around a pound in weight. Most of the meat is in the tail and claws. I still was full eating it all. The meat was nice and tender.

You get the whole lobster, so you have to stare at its face. Some can tolerate it, some just get scared. I tend to play with my food so I wasn’t squeamish.

After eating all of the meat in the lobsters tail and claws, it was time for the best part… THE BRAINS. I normally never eat the brains since I leave it to my mom to enjoy the fatty goodness. CanuckGirl told me to suck it out, but it don’t think it works for lobsters (it works for prawns), so I just used a fork to scoop out the brains. I took a photo because sometimes I like to be stupid.

Overall, it was a decent size for a lobster for $17.99 , but it’s the cheapest. I got it here since I didn’t want to pay $40 for a lobster at a restaurant. I got my lobster fill in Boston…and yes I even bought a lobster plushie too from a nearby store.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Decently priced lobsters
  • Very crowded on weekends
  • No free wifi, but just stand near the Starbucks in the building

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200 Fanueil Hall Marketplace
Boston, MA

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