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Diana Chan April 6, 2011 Cafe, Coquitlam, Korean, Three Beakers

On North Road in Coquitlam, there is a little cafe called Borandsi, or quite commonly known as the board game cafe. People come to Borandsi to eat dessert and grab a drink. They also have a large amount of board games which you can use for a small fee. If you live in Vancouver, it really isn’t worth it to play games here since your bill can rack up to the cost of a brand new board game.

It’s perfect for international students or travellers who do not have games with them.

After eating Pho, Jojocake really craved waffles … so we headed to Borandsi for dessert!

The interior is quite nice. Large tables and couches. It is usually not that busy, so you can always find a seat for you and your friends. People either: a) sit and chat b) study or c) play board games.

At one time they had a spa and a cell phone shop in the back corner, but it has since been removed to make room for more tables.

The menu is all listed on a piece of paper double sided. They have drinks, desserts and some Korean dishes. Yes, it is Korean owned and operated.

KoreanGirl ordered the Brownie & Ice Cream ($5.95). The brownie is not freshly made. When you walk up to the counter and stare at their fridge, you can see all the brownies all chilled and wrapped in plastic wrap. They heat up the brownie, add vanilla ice cream and drizzle chocolate sauce on top.

This is not a gourmet brownie, just your regular brownie.

I ordered the Apple Pie & Ice Cream ($5.95). Similar with the brownie, it is also pre-made and stored in a fridge. I think they microwave it so the crust is no longer crispy. The apple pie still tasted good but I wish it was crispy on the outside. They also added vanilla ice cream and drizzled chocolate on top.

JojoCake was CRAVING waffles, so she ordered Waffles & Ice Cream ($7.95). Unlike the brownie and the apple pie, this was made fresh. How do I know this? I saw a waffle iron while peeping into their kitchen.

The waffle is topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, bananas, kiwis and strawberries. One things Jojocake commented on the waffle was that it was a bit over done.

Overall, great place to chill and catch up for friends. Service is not very good, so you gotta do the usual staring and hand waving.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Under $10
  • Good for studying
  • Average tasting desserts

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4035 North Rd
Burnaby, BC
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  1. Sarah Loving Food April 6, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    I actually live really close to here and it’s my go-to place when I’m feeling lazy to go far and I’m hankering for a late-night snack.
    I always noticed that when you want the pot bing su, bubble tea, or anything that requires more than assembling, it’s important to make sure that a girl is there to make it. The owner, who I rather like because he’s always so friendly, is not so good with preparing them. Just to note!
    I’m definitely trying the waffle next time..

  2. Gloria April 6, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    This is the place I was thinking of!
    I remember reading about the patbingsu and board games but I forgot the name of the place.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  3. DesignGirl April 6, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    There really isn’t too many late night snack places in Burquitlam that are to die for.
    When we went this time, the girl made our desserts. The man wasn’t there but I remember seeing him a few months ago.

    Oh ya! the bing su is good here! Even served in a pyrex cup!

  4. LazyCityGirl April 7, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    the only thing i like here is the bing su. but… as you mentioned service is not great. i wonder why many korean places don’t have good services.

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