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Diana Chan November 4, 2010 Japanese, Robson Street/West End, Two Beakers

Bon Crepe is located outside Konbinya Japanese convenience store on Robson Street. Before work, I was scouring Downtown for some good and quick food. SInce most street carts close before 5pm, I needed to find something fast and filling to get me through 3 hours of work. TaiwaneseGirl always tells me to go to Bon Crepe for amazing crepes. Since I was in a hungry snack mode, I got a savory crepe rather than a sweet one.

I settled on the tuna corn salad crepe ($3.53). What is different about their crepes compared to other places are the texture of the crepe skin. It was soft and chewy unlike places such as Cafe Crepe. It was the perfect size for a snack! As for the ingredients they used, I really wish they used fresh ingredients….tuna was canned…corn was canned…

The crepes are reasonably priced and I would go here again to try their sweet crepes, but maybe not their savory crepes.

Words of Wisdom:

  • No seats, more like grab and go
  • Some ingredients are not fresh, so choose which crepes your get wisely
  • I heard the sweet crepes were better than their savory ones

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