Bokksu: Japanese Snack Subscription Box

Diana Chan November 13, 2018 product

Bokksu creates curated boxes of authentic Japanese snacks and teas delivered to your door every month. Depending on where you are in the world having access to delicious Japanese snacks can be hard to get. Plus, Japan always has the best selection of unique treats, sweets, and teas.


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The November 2018 Subscription box celebrates the place of tea in modern Japan as an infused flavour in delicious desserts as well as a beloved beverage to pair with sweet or savoury treats.

In this box, there are 10 different types of teas and snacks inside. There are some similar brands and some not, but it’s fun to try them all to see if there is a new favourite snack.

These are all the items in the box from cookies, to crackers, to tea.

Yamematcha mini dorayaki

Matcha Chocolate Coated Pecans

Alfort Milk Tea Chocolate

Milk Tea Cake

Olive Oil Spicy pepper Senbei

Iced Coffee Chocolate Sandwich

Matcha Milk Beans

Genmaicha Tea

Hokkaido Cheese Mochi

Foliage Rice Crackers

Final Thoughts

My favourite items this month are the matcha milk beans, milk tea cake, and matcha chocolate coated pecans.

If you are a fan of Japanese snacks and teas, you can get Bokku delivered to your home. Each box ranges around $30 depending on your frequency of subscription. They also have a marketplace too on the website if you want to buy the snacks separately rather than a subscription box.

You can get $5 off your first Classic Bokksu with our referral code.

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