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Boiling Point opened their newest location in Surrey, BC close to Guildford Town Centre. Their specialty is Taiwanese hot pot and they have with a few locations in BC and more in the US.

They are best known for their personalized hot pots and bubble tea. I was invited by ChineseBites and tried all their hot pots with a few other  foodie. I’ve been to the other locations, but it was nice to try another location to see whats new.


The interior is nice with the wooden panels on the walls with the rustic bricks. With the large windows, there is a lot of natural light that travels into the restaurant during the day,


Kimchi Tofu is a side dish you can order to go with your meal. The tofu was smooth and the added kimchi wasn’t spicy at all.


Garlic Pork Belly is another new side dish on their menu and it sure has a strong garlic punch when you first taste it. The flavours were nice, but I felt like it was a tad over cooked.


Our table got the Fresh Milk Tea and Hokkaido Milk tea. I would suggest getting half sweet or a quarter sweet for these drinks.Both types are good, but I prefer thee Fresh Milk Tea since it is made with real milk and has a bolder tea flavour.


If you don’t want bubble tea, you can just grab some complimentary tea or water.


Pomelo Hot Pot is a new flavour they are introducing in stores on May 1st. Currently it’s only available in the Southern California Boiling Point locations.

In the pot, you will also find napa cabbage, pork belly, shrimp, seaweed, fish, enoki mushroom, scallop, Korean bean thread, baby octopus, kamaboko, firm tofu, dried bonito flakes, and green onion. This was an interesting flavour and it had more of a tangy sourness at the end. I find the soup base affects most of the flavour, but I don’t think I really liked the flavour.

You can also choose various levels of spice for all hot pots:


They also have 3 sauces that you can mix together to dip your hot pot items into – chili bean sauce, garlic soy sauce and chili oil.


Korean Bean Paste Hot Pot replaced their Kimchi Hot Soup. Inside, you will find soybean sprouts, nira, green zucchini, kimchi, pork belly, fish tofu, kamaboko, tempura, rice cake, enoki mushroom,fish fillet, wok noodle, lobster fish ball, crown daisy, seaweed, and Korean paste. I liked this flavour as it has the right about of spice and I liked the wok noodles that were in this.


Beef Hot Pot is another solid item. It is packed with napa, vermicelli, sliced angus beef, enoki mushroom, tomato, firm tofu, tempura, corn, pork meat ball, kamaboko, fried tofu skin, imitation crab, green onion, and cilantro. flavours, the corn added a bit of sweetness to this dish.


Thai Flavour Hot Pot is a bit sour, a bit spicy. Deep in the hot bowels of this hot pot is cabbage, taro stem, sliced pork, enoki mushroom, cuttlefish ring, fish ball, clam, crab, baby octopus,maitake mushroom, shrimp, and cilantro. I never liked the sour spicy flavour combination, so this wasn’t for me. I found the shells of the crab and shrimp hard to bite into.


Lamb Hot Pot was made flaming spicy to feel the spectrum of spiciness. It was hot, but not up to my category of flaming. Others may feel it as atomic. Always best to have it mild spicy or medium spicy.

In this pot, you will find napa, vermicelli, sliced lamb, enoki mushroom, imitation crab stick, kamanoko, pork blood ricecake, maitake mushroom, clam, pickled mustard greens, firm tofu, tempura, fried tofu skin, egg, green onion, and cilantro.


This was the mild lamb hot pot, the broth looks less spicy and tame.


Japanese Miso Hot Pot was another favourite. A good balance of meat and veggie in this dish.

You will find inside the pot – cabbage, udon, sliced pork, enoki mushroom, clam, fish ball, fish fillet, maitake mushroom, crab, fried tofu skin, soft tofu, egg, and green onion.

The broth is mild and goes with the ingredients very well. Not too salty either.


Curry Fishball Hot Pot is a classic and is only sold in Canada. You won’t find this in their US locations. I like this dish and you will find sliced pork in this dish in addition to the fish balls. The curry broth is thin  and very flavourful. Not too salty either.

The is Napa, Vermicelli, Slice Pork, Enoki Mushroom, Imitation Crab Stick, Fish Ball, Fried Tofu Skin, Corn, Tempura, Mountain Yam, Chinese String Bean, Egg, Green Onion.

They place the fish balls very strategically so you think they are 4 full fish balls.


Taiwanese Spicy Hot Pot comes in only flaming spicy, so you don’t have an option to make it mild.

It has cabbage, instant noodle, sliced Angus beef, tempura, enoki mushroom, clam, fish ball, cuttlefish ring, pork intestine, pork blood rice cake, fried tofu skin, maitake mushroom, frozen tofu, greenonion, and topped with cilantro.

Some may want to grab a bubble tea or old water to go with this.


Snow Cubes are a nice little treat after the meal to quell the hot heat of the hot pots. These flavours were green tea, pudding, taro and strawberry.

I went with the green tea since it’s not too sweet.


Overall, the hot pots had lot of ingredients inside, but we did find that it was mostly about the broth that enhanced the experience. Curry Fishball Hot Pot, Korean Bean Paste Hot Pot, and Japanese Miso Hot Pot were my top 3 choices. With all the dishes, we did find that the meat all lumped together and was hard to pull apart. Anything with crab is super hard to eat since you have to pick out the meat from inside the shell.

If you’re craving for some hot soupy dish on cold rainy days, definitely check it out.

We Rate Boiling Point Surrey3rated

102-15146 100th Avenue, Surrey


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