Boiling Point Main Street: Now Open

Diana Chan March 4, 2018 Hot Pot, Riley Park/Little Mountain, Three Beakers

Boiling Point opened their latest location on Main Street near King Edward. They are best known for the individual hot pot meals that is perfect for the cold rainy weather in Vancouver. I’ve been to their location several times and it’s a good solid meal that enjoyable, plus you don’t have to share the hot pot with others.


There are lots of seats inside for small to large groups. Nice decor with an industrial look of wood, steel and brick.

Spicy Beef

The first appetizer we had was the spice beef. It’s cooked beef with the yummy spicy sauce. A good item to start with before the hot pots arrived.

Spicy Cumin Lamb

Another option is the spicy cumin lamb. Good flavours as cumin and lamb go great together.

Garlic Pork Belly

Garlic pork belly is also another one of my favourites. You can see the layers of meat and fat.

Spicy Fermented Tofu

This appetizer isn’t for everyone. It has a fermented odour that not everyone enjoys.

Korean Bean Paste Hot Soup

One of my favourites and it has a good amount of spice and flavour. Inside, you will find soybean sprouts, nira, green zucchini, kimchi, pork belly, fish tofu, kamabok, tempura, rice cake, enoki mushroom, fish fillet, wok noodle, lobster fish ball, crown daisy, seaweed, and Korean paste.

I liked this flavour as it has the right about of spice and I liked the wok noodles that were in this.

Japanese Miso Hot Soup

You will find inside the pot – cabbage, udon, sliced pork, enoki mushroom, clam, fish ball, fish fillet, maitake mushroom, crab, fried tofu skin, soft tofu, egg, and green onion.

Milk Cream Curry Hot Soup

This is a newer item on the menu and you will find napa, vermicelli, pork, enoki, mushroom, imitation crab, fish ball, fried tofu skin, corn, tempura, mountain yam, Chinese string beans and sea salt cream.

Taiwanese Spicy Hot Soup

Taiwanese Spicy Hot Pot comes in only flaming spicy, so you don’t have an option to make it mild. Not for the faint of heart.

It has cabbage, instant noodle, sliced Angus beef, tempura, enoki mushroom, clam, fish ball, cuttlefish ring, pork intestine, pork blood rice cake, fried tofu skin, maitake mushroom, frozen tofu, greenonion, and topped with cilantro.

House Special Hot Soup

House Special Hot Pot has napa cabbage, fermented tofu, sliced pork, enoki mushroom, kamaboko, pork balls, clam, quail egg, pork blood, pork intestine, nira, preserved vegetables, tomato, and cilantro.

Milk Tea

All the dishes is best served with some milk tea. I like their Fresh Milk Tea as it is made with real milk and has a bolder tea flavour.

Milky Soft Herbal Jelly

Something different that they have is a milky soft herbal jelly, which they have limited quantities.

Final Thoughts

It’s a great addition to the neighbourhood and is starting to get quite busy at peak hours. If you’re looking for something warm and delicious during rainy days, you’ll enjoy this place.

We Rate Boiling Point

4148 Main St, Vancouver, BC


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