Blossom Teas: Hidden in North Burnaby

Diana Chan May 21, 2014 Bubble Tea, Dessert, North Burnaby, Three Beakers


There’s a new cafe in town! North Burnaby finally has another cafe that offers bubble tea and desserts. It’s right beside Mountain Shadow Pub. Years ago, this used to be a parking lots, but they have since built town homes and retail spaces.

Blossom Teas opened last year and they serve up Chinese style desserts. It’s quite unexpected here, but it’s a nice surprise because you would never expect this place to be here.


The interior is a bit small, so there really isn’t a lot of space for large groups. I did notice a lot of people were doing take out.


This is the drink menu and they have hot drinks, cold drinks, coffee, tea, etc.


Here are a few more dessert items. There’s a lot more, but I didn’t take photos of.


A cool feature is the darts area! Imagine sipping on bubble tea and watching your friend duke it out at darts.


New York style Cheesecake with a berry compote ($4.99) has the graham cracker crust with the cheesecake filling. Delicious and smooth.


Egg Pudding ($1.90) comes in a small container, but it was just the right amount.


Matcha Shake with mochi ($5.50) was quite large! The mochi on top was very soft. Pretty good matcha shake.


Large Super Mango Shaved Ice ($7.85) tasted pretty average. The mango chunks were room temperature, so it really clashed with the temperature of this dish since the shaved ice and ice cream were really cold.


Condensed Milk Toast ($5) was dripping with condensed milk and also came with more condensed milk on the side. It tasted ok.

Overall, pretty good desserts, bubble tea and snacks. My family just shared all of this. It’s always better to share to try a bit of everything.

We Rate Blossom Teas

23-7198 Barnet Road
Burnaby BC


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