Blazing Sushi: Food Court Aburi-style Sushi in Vancouver

Diana Chan May 22, 2018 Chinatown, Japanese, Sushi, Three Beakers

Blazing Sushi recently opened up in the International Village Food Court by Stadium Skytrain in Vancouver. My friend told me about them serving up food court aburi-style sushi and that got me very curious how it can compare to the other places in town. Aburi-style is flame seared sushi, which was popularized by Miku and Minami.


They have other rolls and sushi burritos on the menu, but my eyes were fixated on their blow torched sushi combo with salad. The prices were good and under $10.

Making the Sushi

They lay out the sushi and add special mayo-based sauces on top in a zig-zag pattern until it is fully covered.

Then they take the blow-torch and make it sizzle and pop. Then they finish it off with some chili flakes.

Blow-torched Sushi and Salad

8 pieces of the torched sushi and salad for $8.80 is not bad at all. There is a lot of romaine salad with potato and crab salad with 2 pieces of egg.

On the left is the shrimp and on the right is the salmon. It is made up of a block of sushi rice and a layer of shrimp or salmon with torched sauce.


The shrimp version is interesting as it seems to remind me of a pizza with oregano or basil seasoning.


The salmon was better and I liked the addition of the chilli flakes for added spice. I preferred the sauce on this one.

Final Thoughts

It’s interesting to see this style of sushi in a food court, but will do. It’s a stripped down version of what you’re used to.

We Rate Blazing Sushi

88 W Pender St, Vancouver


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