Black Forest Delicatessen: Cheap Meats in West Vancouver

Diana Chan October 25, 2014 Deli, German, West Vancouver


Black Forest Delicatessen makes a lot of appearances at German-inspired events like the Christmas Market and trade shows around the Lower Mainland. They have some pretty fantastic cured meats to choose from. Their main processing location is in North Vancouver, but they have retail locations in North Vancouver and West Vancouver (Park Royal – South).

Park Royal has gone through much changes over the years and it’s in their newer section of the South side close to the construction.

I really wanted to come to Black Forest Delicatessen after attending the Fraser Valley Food Show and tasting their award-winning pâté at the sausage contest. It was so addictive.


The store isn’t too large, but you will find a large deli counter and a few shelves of items that go well with their cured meats.


Lots of varieties of sausages, cold cuts, bratwurst, liver sausages, bacon, ham, turkey, salami, dried cured meats, pates, and a lot more.


I find that their staff are very helpful when trying to figure out what to buy. There really are a lot of choices.


I bought some spicy salami snacks, liver sausage/pâté and savoury crisp crackers.

The savoury crisps were a bit expensive, but it works perfect with the pâté.


I got about 50 grams of their herb liver sausage and it was between $1 or $2. I can’t remember the price, but it was cheap! I don’t think I could ever go back to ordering pâté at a restaurant.


I ate the pâté with the savoury crisps and it was perfect! Mmm Mmm Mmm.

Black Forest Delicatessen is pretty awesome and has a lot of delicious meats.

2002 Park Royal South
West Vancouver, BC


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