Bistro Don Giovanni: Italian Cuisine in Napa

Diana Chan January 6, 2019 Italian, Napa Valley

Bistro Don Giovanni is an Italian Restaurant in Napa that is named one of San Francisco’s top restaurants since opening according to the San Francisco Chronicle. When we were spending a few days in the area, it was recommended that we dine here for dinner.


There are a lot of tables inside, but they really cram people in here, so depending on where you are sitting, there’s not much room to move around.


Complimentary Bread

At the start of the meal, they provide you with complimentary bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar to munch on.

Later in the meal, we also got more bread to soak up the pasta sauces but who knew they had different kinds of breads throughout the evening.


Since you are in Napa Valley, you gotta grab a glass on wine. We weren’t familiar with the wines in the region. The staff were able to steer us in the right direction and make some recommendations.

Gnocchetti al Ragu d’Angnello

This has soft pillowy gnocchi with lamb ragu, and black truffle pecorino. We shared it family-style but if you really wanted to, you can have it all to yourself.

Mamma Concetta’s Meatballs

They didn’t have room for the whole dish at the table, so they served us a meatball individually per person. It has tomato ragu, parmigiano, and soft polenta. It was really good and highly recommended.

Peach Salad

It has greens, peach, goat cheese, marcona almonds and their moscatel vinaigrette. It was a refreshing salad with the sweetness of peaches and the creamy goat cheese, crunch of lettuce and almonds.


This is their Mandilli served with silk handkerchief pasta and authentic genovese pesto. The pesto was vibrant and the pasta was al dente.

Margherita Pizza

A classic thin crust pizza with tomato, basil, and mozzarella di latte. This item took a long time to arrive at the table but was surprisingly really good and crisp on the bottom. Highly recommended!

Final Thoughts

Overall, solid Italian cuisine in the Napa Valley. Service was good, food was good and we had a good evening dining here. It can get busy, so reserving a table is a must especially if you have a group. We found it was quite family friendly.

4110 Howard Ln, Napa, CA


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