Bino’s Restaurant: Cheap Eats and Lots of Coffee

Diana Chan October 16, 2011 Brunch, Three Beakers

It’s back to Bino’s and its starting to be one of my favorite places to just chill and talk over lots of coffee and cheap food. With their free wifi and chill atmosphere, Mandu, KoreanGirl and I can go on endless rants about our lives and not feel pressured to leave. 

Bacon Waffles ($5.95) has 2 strips of bacon on top and bacon bits on the inside. Mandu found that it was a bit disappointing since the bacon taste on the inside did not shine through.

Mandu asked for a cup of whipped cream. She essentially slathered her waffle in all of this whipped cream. She really likes whipped cream.

Beef Dip (6.95) has lots of thin sliced beef on bread ready to dip in the au jus. It also comes with fries. KoreanGirl thought it was alright.

Calamari ($4.95) is battered and fried octopus served with tartar sauce. It was ok, pretty average as usual.

Corned Beef Hash ($5.95) has lots of corned beef and hashbrowns with 2 poaced eggs with toast. I loved this! It’s the canned corned beef and I love the saltiness mixed with the hashbrowns. Really good! The poached eggs were alright, but needs a little bit of salt or perhaps some tabasco sauce.

Bino’s Enchilada ($5.95) has scrambled eggs rolled in torilla with shredded cheese, green onion, salsa with toast and hash browns. It was alright, but I also needed some tabasco. Perhaps I just like tabasco.

Spanish Omlelettes (6.50) has green peppers, onions, mushrooms and spicy salsa with hashbrown toast or 3 pancakes. Mandu thought it was alright, but the omelette doesn’t taste good after it gets cold.

Deep Fried Ice Cream ($3.95) has your choice of strawberry, blueberry or chocolate topping and whipped cream. We decided to stick with the blueberry. 

Coffee ($1.65) has unlimited refills, so you can imagine how many coffees we usually have on a regular basis at Binos. We average about 4 cups.

Bino’s doesn’t have the best breakfast you will ever have, but they give you the bang for your buck. They try to keep their prices low to cater to seniors. I think most of their customers are seniors who just like good eat for good price. It’s just simple and more like “home” type of food thats not overly complicated.

 Words of Wisdom:

  • Free parking in rear, don’t forget to register license plate with waitress
  • Cheap eats, decent food
  • Good breakfast deals
  • Corned Beef Hash is very good as well as the hash browns
  • Most popular item is the All Day Breakfast
  • If you love a spicy kick to your breakfast, ask for the hot sauce or tabasco. Make the food so much better
  • Free Wifi
We Rate Bino’s Family Restaurant: 


3312 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
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