Bino’s Family Restaurant: Bang For Your Buck

I have to be honest, I judge restaurants based on what they look like from the outside. Bino’s is a family restaurant of Kingsway and Joyce. They are best known for their cheap all day breakfast. For some others, it is their “hangover cure”. For M and I, its just good cheap eats! All their seating is booth style and the interior is quite dated.

We were introduced to this place through a friend and we were mesmerized by their cheap breakfast. We decided to come again since I somehow misplaced those pictures.



Their menu does really have everything from breakfast, lunch to dinner…it’s all there. They also have a kids menu. Most of their items are under $10.

M ordered the Monte Cristo with side of sausages ($6.30 +$2.60). It originally comes with fries, but M felt like sausages, so we opeted out of the fries for a discount of $0.65. Then he added the side of sausages. The sausages were the usual breakfast sausages and they were good.

Their version of monte cristo is egg dipped french toast with ham and swiss cheese. Since there are so many variations of the monte cristo, it wasn’t the version that M was looking for. He wanted it deep fried and smothered in jam. He’s still on the hunt for that kind.

In the case of Bino’s version of the monte cristo, it is still very good and it tastes best with syrup.

I had the Corned Beef special with a side of bacon ($5.95 +$2.60). It has slices of corned beef and mustard on rye bread. I substituted the fries for bacon. hehehe. BACON! I really liked the bacon here, its crispy!

The sandwich doesn’t have too much meat, but it is an ok amount for what you pay. I like how they have mustard on both sides of the bread so you get a good amount of mustard to go with the meat. Mustard+corned beef are a good combination! I really just wished there was more meat.

Bino’s doesn’t have the best breakfast you will ever have, but they give you the bang for your buck. They try to keep their prices low to cater to seniors. I think most of their customers are seniors who just like good eat for good price. It’s just simple and more like “home” type of food thats not overly complicated.

 Words of Wisdom:

  • Free parking in rear, don’t forget to register license plate with waitress
  • Cheap eats, decent food
  • Good breakfast deals
  • Corned Beef Hash is very good
  • Most popular item is the All Day Breakfast and
We Rate Bino’s Family Restaurant: 


3312 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
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