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My coworkers were looking for a place to have lunch. Near our office, there isn’t a lot of choices, so we were delighted that there was a new eatery in Chinatown that serves sausages. I’ve heard much of the buzz online and suggested this place for lunch.

Bestie was inspired by German street food and specialize in hand crafted sausages and pretzels made with the best local ingredients. They don’t serve beer yet, but once their license is approved, it’ll be a full German experience.


The interior is quite nice but it’s hard to fit large groups during the lunch time rush. There is about 5 booths and some bar seating. I came with 5 of my coworkers, so we knew it would be a tight squeeze. We grabbed a booth and brought over 2 stools. They have a lot of stools around for that purpose.


Bedford’s Ginger Beer ($2.50) it’s non-alcoholic, but it’s refreshing for a hot summer’s day.

Kombucha Wonder Drink ($3) is a small can of sparkling fermented tea. It tastes kinda like vinegar.


Currywurst ($8) is Germany’s most popular street food. You get your choice of sausage sliced up and served with a curried ketchup on crispy fries. Magz chose her curry wurst to have the Classic Pork Thüringer sausage.


Sausage & Sauerkraut ($9.50) has your choice of sausage with warm sauerkraut, house mustard & crispy fries. I chose mine to have the Classic Pork Thüringer sausage too. The sausage is the best! It’s so juicy and the taste has an absolute perfection as you put it in your mouth. The mustard is sure to add a kick of spiciness.


On the table, there is curry powder, salt and pepper if you need a little more spice to your dish.

Overall, there really is only 3 types of items at Bestie – the Currywurst, Sausage & Sauerkraut, and the pretzels. The portion sizes aren’t too large, so you may be hungry in a few hours afterwards. The prices are a bit high for this meal, but you can’t deny that sausage is pretty darn tasty.

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105 E Pender Street
Vancouver, BC


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