10 Best and Worst Coconut Water Brands

Diana Chan April 9, 2017 product

I bought 10 different coconut waters to see how they would compare to the real thing. I made a visit to 2 different grocery stores to get a wide variety of coconut water brands. There was definitely a lot, so I made sure to get at least 10. Originally I wanted to get 5, but 10 ended up in my basket.

I tried 10 different coconut waters so you don’t have to make any mistakes. All of the drinks were chilled and cool before consuming, which is the best way to drink coconut water.

#10 Tropico 100% Young Coconut Water

Tastes like chemicals. No. No. No.

#9 Grace Coconut Water with Pulp

Weird sweet finish yet somewhat citrusy. No.

#8 Frozen Young Coconut Juice

Needs to thaw before drinking. Very sweet but it does have large chunks of coconut meat.

#7 CoCos Pure


#6 Vita Coco

The only one that had coconuts from brazil and also has Vitamin C. It had a weird tang to the aftertaste.

#5 Chaokoh Brand Coconut Water with Pulp

My childhood favourite but it is a bit sweeter than the rest. Nostalgia.

#4 Coco Libre

The only one that is from concentrate, but it is organic. It was alright as well.

#3 Blue Monkey

Good and tolerable.

#2 Thirsty Buddha

Very good but still missing more natural sweetness.

#1 Taste Nirvana

Hands down the best one, but not a 100% replacement for a real coconut.

BONUS: A real young coconut from Thailand

The best! Nothing compares…but it’s really hard to open. You’ll need a hefty knife.

I know I didn’t cover all the different coconut water brands in the market, but I tried my best in one sitting to drink 11 coconut waters. We had a good batch of coconut waters and a few terrible ones. Taste is very subjective , but Taste Nirvana was by far the best.

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  1. Graeme c. April 9, 2017 at 9:10 am

    T.A.S. brand coconut water is my absolute favourite. It just tastes more real than other brands

  2. kat April 12, 2017 at 11:50 am

    so much goes into it. is it heated. heated it is no longer active/good. worthless. most have sugar added. has to be kept cold. is it pinkish…. taste is not important when it comes to quality. top 2 are only sold in Washington state… nationwide harmless harvest is ranked 1. bottled at source, never heated. kept cold, straight from coconut to bottle. zico in tretra box is better than nothing. not in the bottle or can.

  3. Scotty James Savile June 17, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    There is some UFC brand I tried a month or two ago. No, not the actual UFC MMA company. This was just some random brand called UFC. It’s the best I’ve had so far. Vita Coca is the worst. The aftertaste is just too much.

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