Bella Gelateria

Diana Chan November 14, 2010 Dessert, Downtown, Four Beakers

Bella Gelateria is located under the Fairmont Pan Pacific. I always go to La Casa Gelato to get my fix of gelato, but I find that their quality has gone down. On my search for gelato, why not check out the most talked about gelato place in Vancouver.

Their interior is really nice, but all the gelato is all covered up, so no visuals of what they look like. I asked what was their most popular flavour but they said most of them are pretty even.

All the different kinds were very nice and flavourful. You can tell they really put the best ingredients in their gelato. Even with the small batches they make, you know they try to have the freshest quality for their customers. After trying a whole bunch of flavours, I made my decision on Black Sesame! I would have to thank Our Food Adventure for helping me make the decision. I must agree it tasted SO much like the black sesame desserts in the Chinese restaurants. I just sat there eating this and thinking about my sister sitting in a Chinese restaurant eating and unraveling black sesame rolls.

What I didn’t like was how the cone began leaking, so I had to us a napkin to prevent it from leaking through the tiny hole.

They have some seats in the restaurant to just chill.

Near the seating area of Bella Gelateria, there is a display case with Gelato Cakes, and gelato desserts. If you are looking for something different besides gelato in a cone/cup, such a gelato cake for your best buddy…you can order one!

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