Belgian Fries: Poutine, Poutine, Chili Dog

Diana Chan May 19, 2011 Commercial Drive / Grandview, Three Beakers

M and I were getting a bit hungry, so we decided to try Belgium Fries. I have heard a lot about their popular poutines.  I’ve never been to Montreal, so I’ve never been close to real authentic poutine.

We lined up at the counter to order, but it took us a while because there were so many options. There was so much that we just decided to share 2 medium poutines and a chili dog.

We started with the Montreal Smoked Meat Poutine (M- $8.60). This had a huge bed of fries topped with cheese curds, Montreal Smoked Meat slices and gravy. This dish was plenty hot and looked so good. The Montreal smoked meat was very tender and quite delicious! The first few bites of the poutine were really good until it got really boring and quite salty. The fries eventually got fairly soggy and felt like a chore to eat.

Deluxe Poutine (M-$9.10) is similar to the other poutine but it has bacon, mushroom, onion, and red pepper instead. This was M’s favorite, but he did feel the same thing I did with the other poutine.

We both couldn’t finish it because the medium size was really big. I think it would have been best to share one medium between 2 people if you are not a large eater or you are watching your weight. Imagine how many calories are in that.

We also got a Chili Dog (~$4) out of curiosity. It also has lots of beans and corn inside. Nicely toasted bun and it tasted quite good. Not many problems with this item.

Overall, I found the poutine to be quite disappointing, but maybe it’s just my taste. I loved the meat and all the toppings, but the amount of limp fries and salty gravy made me feel obese. The poutine is a great item to share with friends, but you will not feel happy eating the whole thing by yourself.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Metered parking on street or free in residence area
  • Under $10
  • Best to share

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