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Diana Chan March 18, 2013 Bakery, Cafe, Fairview, Four Beakers


Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe opened at the end of 2012 and their customers have raved about their amazing croissants. After seeing my sister bring home boxes full of their croissants, I decided to come here with my girls – KoreanGirl and Mandu. They love to eat, so an afternoon catch up session definitely needs coffee and pastries.

On a Saturday afternoon, this place was packed! There were swarms of people almost out the door. There’s not a lot of seating, so you kinda need to wait patiently for some spots to free up.


The croissants smell so good and look good too. Once you walk through the door, your eyes will just stare at them intensely to figure out which pastry you’ll devour.


They have more than just croissants.


The perfect items for 3 girls.


Latte is made with 49th Parallel coffee and went well with the pastries. Anytime coffee that is made with 49th Parallel beans, you know its good stuff.


Macchiato had a cute little heart.


Croissant is very flakey on the outside and soft in the middle. This croissant is definitely one of the crispiest in town.


Look at all those layers! When you bite into it, you will know this is loaded with butter to get the crispiness.


Mini Chocolate Croissant was really good as well. The size was perfect, so you get a few bites without feeling guilty afterwards.


Citrus Scroll was sticky and sweet kinda like a marmalade. It was good, but not overly sweet.


Marcona Almond Bar was one of my favorite treats! It is packed full of nuts on top and a piece of gold foil. Definitely recommended.

Overall, we enjoyed our time here…especially the food. Coming on a weekend, it is quite busy, so the place will be packed. Will definitely be back!

We Rate Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe: 

2150 Fir St
Vancouver, BC


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