BC Tree Fruits Cider: Apples, Pears and Hops

Diana Chan July 13, 2016 British Columbia, product


BC Tree Fruits Cider Co has introduced 2 more flavours this year – the Apple & Hops and the Pear Ciders. Their original Apple cider debuted last year. They pride themselves of using no added sugar, water or concentrate. Also, no use of artificial flavourings or colours.

They send me their line up of ciders to give them a try.



Apple is their original craft cider, blended from 6 different BC Tree Fruits apple varieties.

It is well-balanced with no added sugar or flavours. It proudly lists only one ingredient on the can – BC apples. Also, it’s naturally gluten-free, with a traditional full bodied, and refreshing taste. It has 5.5% alcohol.

Apple & Hops


Apple & Hops is the new dry-hopped cider. It contains 6% alcohol, which is the strongest of all 3. It tastes dry with hints of grapefruit. It’s not too hoppy in my opinion but it was a nice cross between a beer and cider.



Pear is another new cider made from BC-grown pears. I has 4.5% alcohol, which is the lightest of all 3. It is bright and crisp tasting if tropical fruit with hints of melon.

All 3 kinds were good and not overly sweet, which I found was a problem with other ciders in the market. Of all 3, I liked the Apples & Hops flavour the best. I was surprised since I usually don’t like overly hoppy drinks. Great for patio weather.

You can find these at select BC Liquor Stores, independent beer and wine stores, and restaurants.


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