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Diana Chan October 4, 2010 Event

The sweetest event in Vancouver is BACK! The Bakers Market brings together bakers and foodies from the Lower Mainland to share their love of baked goods. Even for the first day, the expected attendance was supposed to be around 200 – 300, but by 12pm it was clear that there were way more than 300. After talking to a few of the vendors and taking a look at their fabulous creations, I was in LOVE with the Bakers Market.

Claude Goergen of backer was at the Bakers Market showcasing her organic creations! There were even flour free pastries made out of Almond Meal. She even sold organic coffee and tea. I tried the green tea!

You can visit her website at:

Amanda of Buttercup Cake Design was there as well showcasing her amazing designs. What I really loved about her booth was everything was white and yellow. She clearly branded all of her products.

You can visit her website at:

I was really excited when I saw Damien from Damien’s Belgium Waffles at the Bakers Market! I have always wanted to visit his shop in Steveston but I never make it in time. I bought 10 of his waffles ($18.50). There were Matcha, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Maple. I gave them to my family and they said they were good. At his shop, there are more flavours even chai tea waffle.

Check out his website:

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Fur Elise made me think of a very very cute bakery. They were there selling a variety of pastries.

Check out their site:

The Ivy Oven owned and operated by a mother- daughter duo sells organic baked goods! I tried their chocolate brownie ($2) and wow I was speechless when I ate it! It was really rich and chocolaty. They even gave out samples of their cookies too.

Check out their website:

Chef Kev, a pastry chef was there with a variety of his cookies. I don’t usually like ginger but I took a gamble at trying his ginger cookie. Even though he warned me I may not like it, I tried it anyways. It was good and it really did have a strong ginger taste but it worked really well in the form of a cookie.

Check out his website:

Rachael Tang AKA Miss Bakeaholic was there showing off her addiction to baking.

Check out her twitter:

Sweety Pie was showing off her pie miniatures. Sometimes you really don’t need a whole pie to satisfy your sweet tooth. Just a bite or two will do the trick!

Check out her website:

Sweet Delight provided vegans an alternative to satisfy their sweet tooth. They had cupcakes, cookies, and bread.

Check out her website:

Cadys Cakes and Bakes specialize in cupcakes and cakes! I tried a bit of their cupcakes and there were nice and moist!

Want more info about them? E-mail them at

Overall, I really loved this market. They showcase so many local bakers and a majority of them run their operations right at home! It shows that you don’t need a shop to share your love of baking. The bakers markets gives those people the opportunity to share their love of baking with the local community.

This event goes on for several weeks so DO NOT miss out on it! A big thanks to Connie, founder of Bakers Market for creating this event and exposing us to the amazing entrepreneurs!

They are located at :

408 East Kent Avenue South
Vancouver, BC
V5X 2X7

Unit 115 – Enter through the back door

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