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Diana Chan October 20, 2011 Bakery, Event, Sunset/Punjabi Market

It’s that time of the year again – Vancouver’s Bakers Market! This year, it is at the Moberly Arts & Cultural Center. It’s a bit of a drive for myself, but I always seem to enjoy this event. They gather bakers from all over the Lower Mainland with different products and skills. I took my time this year and tried to talk to all the vendors at the Oct 15th “Bake for a Cure” themed event in support of Breast Cancer.

There were a lot of treats that had a pink twist to it.

Even with their secluded location, there were lots of people around noon gobbling up treats. Some tables even were sold out by the end of the event. What I find the best about this event is that there is so much diversity in the vendors, from professionals to just plain baking enthusiasts selling their baked goods for fun.

J’adore les Macarons

Connie is the organizer of the Baker’s Market in Vancouver. She also owns J’adore les Macarons. Can you guess what she specializes in? Macarons of course! At her table, you will be able to purchase bread, croissants and macarons. What makes her macarons so good you may ask, it’s made with secrets from Paris. Ask her what this secret is and perhaps she’ll tell you.


Footo Delights 

Brenda and her lovely assistant had a booth too! Footo Delights specialize in Fresh Out of The Oven croissants made with all natural ingredients! They have a store opened near Homer and Robson in Downtown. Her small stature may deceive you, but she makes good croissants. They have samples too, so don’t be shy. If you can’t make it to the Bakers Market, you can try her amazing goodies at her shop!


Levni Chocolates

Paul, the owner of Levni Chocolates specializes in artisan chocolate. Even though he has an arts background, he uses that knowledge to bring it into the world of chocolate. He has some amazing combination of flavours such as blue cheese chocolate! Yes, BLUE CHEESE. I usually don’t like it, but it has quite a unique taste. My friend and I tried some and it was pretty good.


Damien’s Belgian Waffles

They are back here at the Bakers Market again! They are best known for their amazing belgium waffles. Highly recommended! They have many flavours like Vanilla , Cinnamon, Maple, Matcha, Dark Milk or White Chocolate! All the waffles are made without preservatives or eggs. They also have a shop in Steveston near No 1 rd and Chatham st.


La Gourmand

Julie is currently in pastry school right now to achieve her dream of becoming a pastry chef. She will be at the Bakers Market every week and since she loves to experiment with many different recipes and techniques, her items will constantly changing from week to week. If you happen to stop at her booth, try the marshmallows!

La Chocolaterie

Taka is an amazing guy who had a dream of coming to Vancouver to open up a chocolate shop to share his love of chocolates with others. His dream did come true! La Chocolaterie serves up delicious ganache chocolate with mind blowing flavours. When will you ever have a chocolate that has sake, tomato, or wasabi flavours? Even though these are strange flavours, they taste so good! They also have more tame flavours like blueberry, mango and the usual milk chocolates. If you love Melty Kiss chocolates, you’ll love these!


Hearth & Larder

Michele was showcasing her amazing products — Hearth & Larder. She specializes in preservatives (jams) and baked goods. Their hand-crafted artisan preserves are very flavourful are very unique and are out of the ordinary! I loved their Dandelion Jelly and the Blackberry-Lime Jam. Definitely stop by her booth and try some.



3 friends – Helen, Nicole and Ashley are students of the Arts Institute’s Baking & Pastry program and they want to be professional bakers. They started Hyggelig to start off their entrepreneurial plans to see where it leads. Just looking at their varied kinds of breads, they are something to drool over.


French Made Baking

If you’ve been to Bake For the Quake, she was there serving up amazing goodies for a good cause. I missed out visiting her booth last time, but this time I had to have a Le canelé. It is SO good! Best thing I have eaten in a long time. Stop by the table say hi and grab a canelé and you won’t regret it! They will be opening up a store soon on 81 Kingsway near Broadway and Main.


Seriously Cooking with Debbie and John Brett

Debbie was at the Bakers Market selling her amazing organic bread, power-breakfast kits, gluten free snacks, jams and her amazing squares, cookies, and treats. She’s always been interested in making healthy treats, so she’s spent many many years testing and perfecting her recipes.


City Baked

City Baked is actually a food blog by Hannah in which she shares some amazing recipes with her followers. As a baking enthusiast, she’s at the Bakers Market to really do what she loves – bake! She doesn’t do this professionally, but you can tell she has passion of making delicious goods. Check out her site too because she has some very very delicious recipes.


When Pigs Fly Pastries

Emily owns When Pigs Fly Pastries! She graduated top of her class at VCC’s Baking and Pastry Arts program. She makes some very gorgeous cakes as well as pig inspired cookies and goodies. Check out her table and you will be amazed by her eye for detail! Also take a look at her site for more photos!


The Pie Hole

The Pie Hole creates pies! They have their sweet pies available at the Bakers Market. What sets them apart from the other pie shops are that they can also do crazy savory pies such as Carbonara, Pulled Pork or anything that you can think of. They take special orders online, so get in contact with them to make your next party unique.


Take a Fancy

Take a Fancy specializes in homemade fair trade organic chocolates from her home kitchen. She does everything from scratch and it all starts with the cocoa bean! Really amazing and great dedication! Her chocolates have good depth and flavour, so go check out her booth! She even has some special halloween treats!


Miz Belle’s Cajun Confections

Another amazing baking enthusiast! She’s taken a bit of time off work to bake and see where it goes. She is known as the go-to baker at work, so it has inspired her to take part in the Bakers Market. She has items from pies to cupcakes at her tables. Her recipes have a lot of history, so stop by her booth and ask her about it.

Yaletown Brownies Bakery

They make awesome brownies! FOR SURE! Nice thick dense chocolate brownies. Contrary to their name, they aren’t located at Yaletown, they have moved their shop near W. Broadway and MacDonald. Go grab some or else you are really missing out!


Kawaii Eats

Another participant of the Bake for the Quake is at the Bakers Market! Her amazing Japanese inspired goods are definitely cute! She has things from cakes, cookies, and macarons. Her macarons are detailed with cherry blossoms and is a treat to sink your teeth into them!


Cannele & Honeybun

Olivia is with Cannele & Honeybun! It’s a small company that started at the Bakers Market. She makes artisan cookies, canneles and other delicious treats! Everything is fresh and uses no preservatives. She has many treats at her table, so check it out.

Also, this event is kid friendly! It’s a great event and you are not just buying delicious baked goods, but you are supporting local bakers making their dreams come true.

Not all the booths will be there every single week, but do check out this event!

Open every single Saturday from 11 -3pm till Dec 10th, except Oct 22nd and Nov 19th!

7646 Prince Albert St
Vancouver, BC


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  1. Olga Toliusis October 22, 2011 at 10:47 am

    Hi, my name is Olga, I was one of the vendors at the Vancouver Bakers Market, I like your comments, even if i was not included in them. I’ll also be at the Tricities Bakers market, if you like to visit us, next market day will be November 12th at the Evergreem Cultural Centre, on the corner of Pinetree and Guilford in North Coquitlam, from 10am to 2pm. These markets are smaller, they just started last Spring, but promise to be as popular as the Vancouver ones.
    The other dates will be November 26th and December 3th.
    We would like to meet you.

    • DesignGirl October 22, 2011 at 1:41 pm

      SO SORRY! I know I missed 2 tables! Thanks for the info, I’ll try to check our those markets!

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