Bake49: Japanese Desserts in Yaletown

Diana Chan January 22, 2019 Dessert, Japanese, Yaletown

I have been waiting in anticipation for Bake49 to open since they announced their location in Yaletown. I’m a sucker for Japanese desserts, so I had to make my friend go with me despite being on a diabetic diet until the baby comes. Rules are meant to be broken.

Bake 49 is headed by Iljin Kyung and Haram Lee and had quite a buzz since they opened with lines out the door and sells out everyday. Great for them but sometimes it’s hard to get there before they open at 1pm. They really pride themselves of keeping their production to small batches and made from scratch daily to ensure quality.


The space is very small, so only a small amount of people can line up inside. Also, there are only 2 seats for dining in. Most people do take out or eat it outside.


The menu currently has 4 items to choose from.

Croquant Choux

This is a long a crunchy, textured almond crusted choux pastry filled with vanilla-bean custard creme. It reminded me of the delicious filling of a Beaded Papa with a super crunchy exterior. It was really good but I wish it had a touch more custard cream inside but at least it didn’t ooze all over my shirt. This will costs you $4.50 each.

Sapporo Style Japanese Cheese Tarts

This is a double-baked tart shell filled with fluffy, gooey cream-cheese mousse. It has a rich and cheesy tang to it. It was warm when it was served and I liked it. Some people get a whole box of 6 for a discount but I just went with one all for myself. It’s $3.80 per piece or 6 for $19.

Double Fromage Cheesecake

They cake is 5 inches wide and will run you $27 and there are limited quantities everyday as they must make it ahead of time. It is a very rich and creamy cake and it comes with a small container of strawberry syrup and real strawberry pieces. The container of the sauce was too small, so I wished it was bigger or had the option to purchase more.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s definitely a great addition to Yaletown with some delectable Japanese desserts. They run out quickly, so it’s too bad that not everyone can get a taste. Make sure to come early to beat the rush to ensure nothing is sold out. Prices are a bit high but given the labour costs, ingredients, and the rent in the area, it makes sense.

1066 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC


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