Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder

Diana Chan September 9, 2013 Fast Food, Illinois


While visiting the Rock n Roll McDonalds, I just had to have a burger that’s not available in Canada. Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder was just the burger that I wanted to consume with fries and a coke. I really wanted to see if it would be spicy or not.


The Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder has a quarter pound patty of beef with white cheddar,  Applewood smoked bacon, tomato , leaf lettuce, and a spicy-cool habanero ranch sauce, on a toasted bun.

To my disappointment, the habanero flavour wasn’t very strong at all. I wanted to see a noticeably amount of spice, but it didn’t really sting. The bacon was delicious and crispy. It was a decent burger with a nice habanero ranch sauce, but needs more spice.


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