Ayoub’s Dried Fruits and Nuts in Burnaby

Diana Chan January 4, 2016 British Columbia, Specialty Shop


Ayoub’s Dried Fruits and Nuts have been popping up around Metro Vancouver. They now have 5 locations.

The closest location to me in Burnaby always closes right when I get home from work, so I’ve had a lot of hit and misses with their hours. Walking into this shop, there’s definitely a lot of nuts, fruits and specialty items. Service is a little bit cold, but it was perhaps they thought we were here before.


Okra chips was very crunchy. Pretty good in my opinion. Minimal seasoning on it. The only other ingredients are non-hydrogenated canola oil, hint of sugar and sea salt.


Curry Mixed Nuts has a nice curry flavours, but it was a bit on the salty side. Also, the nuts were a bit on the softer side that what I would have liked. I like nuts that have more of a snap when you bite into them.


Cracked Black Pepper Mixed Nuts had a strong pepper taste which was nice, but was sour. I found that there was the same issue with the texture of the nut being a bit soft and perhaps stale.

I haven’t tried their raw nuts, but I’m curious to give that a try next time to see if the texture is different.


Veggie Chips are another popular item.Tasted good but it does have non-hydrogenated canola oil, and seasoned with a hint of sugar and sea salt. The sugar threw me off a little bit. They mix contains – beets, carrots, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes and taro.

Overall, the items were ok but I didn’t like texture and flavour of some of the items. If I were to come back next time, I would want to try their dried fruit items.

#134 – 6550 Hastings St., Burnaby, BC


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