A&W: Sirloin Uncle Burger and Onion Rings

Diana Chan January 12, 2011 Fast Food

I love getting A&W in the middle of the night. What sets them apart from places like McDonalds is their commitment to fresh and in-store made items. I actually never knew this until TaiwaneseGirl told me. At first I was a total skeptic and does not believe in such things. Fast Food = all frozen and BAD.

The only thing I really love about A&W are the Onion Rings. Best out of all the Fast Food chains! After seeing TaiwaneseGirl constantly drinking their Orange Juice and Chubby Chickens….I started to believe her.

It doesn’t seem like A&W has good locations to sit in and eat….plus it’s kinda sketchy if you go inside at 12am.  Drive through it is!

I was in a super hungry mode, so i ordered the Sirloin Uncle Burger  w/ cheddar and bacon Combo ($8). I originally wanted the Spicy Mama Burger, but apparently it was only available for a limited time. Darn…

At an astonishing 710 calories, this burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar, bacon, onion, and meat patty.

Delicious! the tomatoes and lettuce look decent and not like the crap vegetables Mc Donalds gives you.

Oh, onion rings how much i love thee. But too bad you are horrible for me. 470 calories on top of a 710 calorie burger………plus a regular coke…… 1000+ calories. If I was a health nut, perhaps I would care. I am a starving woman, so I will eat whatever I desire.

The onion rings are made in house and it’s always piping hot and fresh. Best onion rings ever!

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  1. Miranda January 13, 2011 at 12:02 am

    A&W is much better than other fast food places. i always get the mozza burger but i think i will try the sirloin omen.since i see coupons in the mail lol. and is that the one on Hastings? i think i see on lock across the street lol.

  2. DesignGirl January 13, 2011 at 12:32 am

    hahaha. Yes, it is the one on Hastings!
    I always sit in the drive through looking at On Lok.

    I haven’t tried the mozza burger yet, but I think one day I will.

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