A&W: There’s Always Room for Burgers and Onion Rings

Diana Chan October 11, 2011 Food for Thought

I’m sure by now, A&W is my favorite fast food joint! It’s something about their burgers and onion rings that make me want more. They always come up with the coolest sounding burgers. I’m just waiting for the day when they start introducing burgers like cousin, niece and nephew.

I had nothing to do since I had to wait for my car to get serviced. M and I got hungry, so we walked here for some yummy food. 

Doesn’t this just look so good? I know it’s lame, but there wasn’t anything else to eat around this area.

We even got root beer in the frosted mugs! This was the first time I’ve had it in the mug. I usually get it in the to-go cups. I didn’t notice any difference in the taste except that the mug kept the drink colder.

Onion rings are so good! They make them when you order so they are super fresh! When you bite into them, you really get the taste of savory onion with the crispy salty batter.

Uncle Burger (Sirloin) has a sirloin beef patty, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce and  tomato. McDonalds can’t even compare to their quality of burger. Just look how fresh the vegetables look! M really loves this sandwich because its pretty filling.

Double Teen Burger has 2 patties, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheddar cheese and ketchup in a sesame bun. I was really really hungry during this day, so I wanted a lot of meat. You need this when you are starving! This is probably way over 500 calories, so its yummy.

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