A&W: New GrandMa Prime Rib Burger

Diana Chan March 27, 2011 Food for Thought

They were promoting this burger last week at A&W near my work, I pass by everyday, so it’s easy to notice if there are any new promotions. I kept seeing posters introducing the GrandMa Burger, which is made of Prime Rib.

As you can tell from the look, it is one of their premium burgers made with good ingredients.

I really wish I took a photo of the actual burger but I ate it up too quickly. I probably ate it in less than 1 minute. I was in a rush and really had no time to take a pause.

This burger has prime rib patty, caramelized onions, mayo all house in a nice fluffy bun! I liked the taste since it did have a bit more flavour. It does not taste like a real prime rib steak, but its really not bad tasting overall. The caramelized onions were a bit sweet and added additional flavour to the sandwich.

Even though this is called the GrandMa Burger, I wonder how many Grandmas would order this. hahaha. I’m not that old but I’m sure a lot of people would order this just for fun.

Overall, decent burger and I liked it!

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